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Visual System

Visual System

As a professional supplier of optics and optical systems, Alfa Chemistry has many years of experience in the optical field, serving the automotive industry, consumer products, life sciences, and medical diagnostics industries et al. We can meet customer needs according to customer needs, from the initial prototype design to the mass production of optical components and optical testing, we can provide fast and reliable help and support. Alfa Chemistry has the professional optical center, advanced equipment and top optical experts, matched with superb optical technology and craftsmanship, and aims to provide advanced optical services to customers around the world. Our optical engineers are as deep as optical testing and are familiar with the importance of high-resolution vision systems for optical testing, they can develop advanced optical systems that can quickly handle complex optical testing tasks. The professional vision system we provide has the advantages of simple operation, convenience and speed, and long-term use, and can support the testing of multiple types of projects.

Our Services

Aiming at special test requirements, Alfa Chemistry can match advanced optical test vision systems according to customer needs, can quickly integrate into existing optical systems, and ensure the integrity of the tested components, so as to perform high-precision and efficient test. Services related to optical vision systems that we can provide include but are not limited to:

  • Optical vision system design and development
  • Optical vision system integration

High standard resolution and pixel requirements to meet customer testing needs

We can provide ultra-high-definition, high-speed, high-capacity, custom vision systems that can realize complex optical inspection tasks. We have a high-speed response and high-quality display system, can perform high-precision measurement image processing, can be quickly integrated into other optical components, and can deal with various problems in 3D inspection and production inspection. Combining with customers' specific application requirements, we can also design high-efficiency optical vision systems to facilitate rapid inspection.

We can provide professional optical testing services to match the appropriate optical vision system

  • A suitable optical vision system can better meet customer needs for measurement
  • Optical vision system makes optical problems more specific
  • Support customized optical vision system
  • High resolution, fast image effects
  • Multiple types of designs support customers' customized needs

Visual System

Typical testing services

  • High-precision outer contour detection of parts
  • Location detection
  • Existence, integrity and location control
  • Property test

Sophisticated vision system can effectively improve testing services

We apply sophisticated optical vision systems to optical inspections, which can accurately detect small defects, have extremely high resolution, can clearly show the defects of the instrument, and can perform sophisticated optical testing services for a variety of optical equipment and instruments. .

Alfa Chemistry provides high-quality vision system services with high precision, high resolution and high efficiency. We can also customize the vision system according to the needs of customers, which can quickly realize precision optical testing. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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