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V-shape Anti-reflection Coating Design

V-shape Anti-reflection Coating Design

V-shape Anti-reflection Coating Design

By depositing thin layers of materials for different purposes on the surface of the optical element to make the optical element have special performance, this is the principle of optical coating. With the development of new high-performance optical materials, they have been continuously applied to the field of optical coatings, aiming to expand the application range of optical coating materials and improve the performance of optical products. In order to reduce the reflective performance of optical coatings, researchers have developed V-shaped optical coating materials for special applications and environments. The minimum reflectivity is achieved when the specified wavelength is perpendicular to the incident, and it should be no more than 0.25% as far as possible. This optical coating material can be coated on quartz or other standard optical glass. In addition, in addition to high anti-reflection properties, optical coating materials have good performance in abrasion resistance, water resistance and laboratory solvent resistance.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry has a professional optical laboratory, experienced optical team, advanced and complete equipment, can specify a reasonable and comprehensive solution to the needs of customers, can meet the strict optical requirements of customers, and provide customers all over the world with satisfaction Optical coating services. The products of anti-reflective optical coating materials we can provide are as follows:

  • Customized V-shape anti-reflection coating design service
  • Anti-reflection performance improvement service

Optical coating equipment and equipment

  • Nano super hard film coating equipment
  • Multifunctional decorative coating equipment
  • Arc ion coating equipment
  • Evaporative equipment
  • Large area flat plate coating equipment
  • Diamond coating equipment
  • Multifunctional composite coating equipment
  • Optical Coating Machine
  • Powder coating equipment

Optical coating process

Alfa Chemistry specializes in providing optical services, providing advanced services and high-quality products for various industries. The optical coating process we can provide includes: communication between customers and our engineers, understanding customer needs, signing contracts, drafting optical coating solutions, laboratory implementation, quality testing, issuing reports and mailing. We support on-site inspections, meet the strict requirements of customers, and provide customers with satisfactory services.

The optical coating process of V-Coating design

Advantages of Optical Coating Service

  • High-quality optical coating service
  • Has a strict quality assurance system
  • Fast and convenient response
  • Support professional optical coating design

We maintain a loyal partnership with customers for a long time

Alfa Chemistry is engaged in optical processing and optical coating. It has many years of experience in the industry and rich process practice experience, and it maintains the forefront in the international arena. The quality, consistency and stability of the optical coating products we provide are highly praised by customers at home and abroad.

With many years of rich experience, complete equipment and instruments and advanced optical coating technology, Alfa Chemistry provides customers all over the world with comprehensive optical coating services. If you want to know more about optical coating services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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