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Testing Photonic Integrated Circuits

Testing Photonic Integrated Circuits

Testing Photonic Integrated Circuits

Photonic integrated circuit (PIC) is an optical waveguide type integrated circuit of integrated optical devices centered on dielectric waveguides, that is, a variety of optical devices are integrated into a substrate to form a whole, and the devices are linked by optical conductors and optical waveguides. Make it have a specific light path. Photonic integrated circuits have a wide range of applications in life, including medical diagnosis, sensors and communications industries. Photonic integration technology has a broad and huge potential in the information and communication industry, and it is a way to meet customers' requirements for network speed. With the increasing pressure of today's production technology, the test and measurement of photonic integrated circuits need to be carried out more quickly and become more reliable. Optical integrated circuits have the advantages of high efficiency, strong scalability, and high manufacturability. The form factor of their components will make them vital to future high-speed networks and technologies. The photonic integrated circuit testing service is one of the new service projects developed by Alfa Chemistry and has great development prospects. We insist on continuous improvement and innovation, support personalized customized services, and meet customer needs in an efficient way.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry continues to expand and innovate to meet the needs of customers, and insists on providing high-quality optical services to customers around the world. Photonic integrated circuit testing service is a new direction of our research and is committed to providing quality services.

  • Test active devices
  • The spectrum analyzer can be used to test active devices and has the advantages of high efficiency and high resolution.

  • Test passive components
  • Compared with active device testing, passive devices based on photonic integrated circuits are more difficult. Support multi-port testing, measure optical insertion loss, return loss and polarization-related loss within the spectrum of the laser, and quickly obtain spectral test results with high wavelength resolution (usually up to picometer level)

The necessity of photonic integrated circuit testing

After development, design, and manufacturing, the optical word integrated circuit needs to be tested to ensure that it runs in compliance with the expected requirements during the packaging process. Usually, photonic integrated circuits are tested to find defects as early as possible to avoid wasting costs.

Alfa Chemistry provides testing services for photonic integrated circuits. It is one of the new projects we have expanded. It has great development prospects. We look forward to exploring together with customers. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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