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Reverse Optical Engineering

Reverse Optical Engineering

Reverse Optical Engineering

When the existing optical components have been discontinued or the existing optical products cannot meet the customer's application requirements, reverse optical engineering is a reliable and economical choice. Reverse optical engineer is the process of redesigning and developing by optical engineer, from the reverse work, constructing the optical system to ensure that its components produce the desired effect, which can better meet the needs of customers. Our optical engineering team works closely with customers to create optical products that meet customer needs, using efficient processes and technologies to create high-end optical products. Alfa Chemistry provides professional optical engineering services, adheres to customer-centricity for a long time, adopts advanced design and optimization to provide reasonable solutions, and satisfies customers in an efficient and fast manner. We can provide help and support at any stage of reverse optical engineering, including design, manufacturing and production. We maintain close contact with customers for a long time and provide customers with advanced services.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry provides reliable advice and assistance in the process of development, design and development, providing customers with satisfactory reverse optical engineering services, optimizing product quality and developing new optical products. The reverse optical engineering services we can provide include but are not limited to:

  • Optical design and analysis
  • Optical manufacturing
  • Optical coating design, analysis and manufacturing
  • Optical system equipment design
  • High precision optics and assembly
  • Optical machine design and assembly

Reverse optical engineering can help understand, improve and replicate optics and optical systems, and has many advantages:

  • We can deeply understand the characteristics of optical components, and can effectively optimize and improve optical performance
  • Reverse optical engineering services can be redesigned to meet customer needs in an economical and friendly way
  • The optical production process is simple and efficient, which can effectively reduce cost and time
  • Support multiple types of reverse optical services

Reverse Optical Engineering

Reverse optical engineering uses multiple technologies and strategies to have an in-depth understanding of optical systems, and will follow the following process:

  • We conduct preliminary tests on samples to understand the performance of the samples.
  • We design and rebuild the optical components to understand the nature of the components in detail.
  • We will perform optical property measurement, including product size, surface properties, refraction and coating properties.
  • Design and improve new optical components.

Why you need reverse optical engineering

  • When the original product has been discontinued, the supplier abandons the product line and needs to change the specifications
  • On the basis of cost saving, a more optimized and more economical solution is needed to replace the initial solution
  • When the existing products cannot fully meet the needs of customers and need to be redesigned or upgraded, reverse optical research is required

Reverse Optical Engineering

Professional quality, capable of providing efficient services

We have an efficient team consisting of professional optical engineers and advanced optical equipment. We have extensive knowledge in the design, development, production and construction of optical components, and have rich experience in the optical field, and can efficiently handle optical related issues , We can collaborate with customers, maintain close contact for a long time, and provide efficient services with professional capabilities.

Alfa Chemistry provides professional reverse optics services to help understand, improve and replicate optics and optical systems. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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