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Precision Industrial 3D Measurement

Precision Industrial 3D Measurement

Precision Industrial 3D Measurement

Optical three-dimensional measurement technology is a cutting-edge measurement technology developed in recent years, which can perform fast and accurate measurements. With the rapid development of science and technology, various high-performance devices continue to appear, and their testing requirements are also increasing, and optical three-dimensional measurement technology has been rapidly developed. Optical measurement technology is divided into contact optical measurement and fee contact optical measurement. Non-contact optical measurement has the advantages of high accuracy, fast response, large tool distance and non-invasiveness, and can perform static or dynamic measurement of objects. It has great applications in laser processing, automotive industry, industrial measurement, and biomedical fields. Potential. In industry, optical 3D measurement technology is usually used to quickly and accurately measure the shape, size and 3D coordinates of products, which is of great significance for monitoring product quality. At present, many international enterprises, optical suppliers and research institutions are accelerating the optimization of optical three-dimensional testing, making it suitable for a variety of measurement environments and types. Alfa Chemistry is committed to advanced optical three-dimensional testing services to provide convenience in industrial production.

Our Services

As a professional optical supplier, Alfa Chemistry has focused on efficient optical services for many years, adheres to the development of optical technologies and processes, absorbs and adopts the advantages of various technologies, and is committed to top technologies and methods. Efficient optical precision testing is one of the characteristic services we provide. We insist on satisfying customers with the highest quality, most reasonable and most efficient testing services. We are oriented to the testing of finished and semi-finished products in industrial production, support the formulation of various testing solutions, and provide accurate testing services.

  • Optical test solution customization
  • Accurate testing

Professional services to meet customer needs

  • Suitable for product development, material research and component testing
  • Fast and simple test process
  • High-precision measurement of various objects
  • Support customers' customized testing needs
  • Test standards comply with local certification
  • Advanced team has the ability to provide accurate tests and issue test reports

The advantages of precision industrial 3D measurement services

The professional optical team is the guarantee of our accurate measurement

  • Top optics experts, customized reasonable and reliable test solutions
  • Experienced optical engineer with many years of testing experience
  • Advanced and complete equipment to ensure efficiency and quality
  • A long-term partner in order to solve measurement problems and meet the high standard needs of customers

Alfa Chemistry provides accurate industrial 3D measurement services and supports industrial testing of multiple types of devices. We look forward to cooperating with you. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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