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Photoelectric Sensor Test Service

Photoelectric Sensor Test Service

Photoelectric Sensor Test Service

The photoelectric sensor is a key element to realize photoelectric conversion in various photoelectric detection systems, It converts light signals into electrical signals and consists of a transmitter, a receiver and a detection circuit. The performance index of the photoelectric sensor is carried out by special equipment, which reflects the good or bad performance of the device. Alfa Chemistry has a professional optical testing platform that matches multiple types of testing instruments, suitable for testing under multiple categories and multiple application environments. We are capable of providing high-quality and reliable photoelectric sensor testing services to customers around the world. Alfa Chemistry has a strict quality control platform that can accurately test photoelectric sensors and carry out strict quality control to ensure the high quality of internal and external photoelectric sensors. At the same time, we support finished product testing and semi-finished product testing. With the demand of the market, we continue to broaden the scope and enhance our service capabilities to meet customer needs in an efficient and fast manner.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry has a professional optical center, top optical experts, relying on advanced technology and equipment to provide professional optical services to customers around the world. The test of precise photoelectric sensor is the key to ensure the excellent performance of the product, and it is of great significance to understand the performance, improve the quality and reduce the cost. We insist on technological innovation and provide customers with comprehensive, multi-dimensional and multi-stage photoelectric sensor testing services, including but not limited to:

  • Photoelectric sensor testing service
  • Finished product testing service
  • Semi-finished product testing service

We continue to develop and innovate, and continue to enhance our capabilities to meet the testing needs of our customers.

Photoelectric sensor application case

  • Automatic meter reading system: The use of photoelectric sensors to develop an automatic over-standard system, the use of photoelectric sensors to convert the number of revolutions of the turntable into the number of pulses, in order to achieve the system design of the automatic meter reading system.
  • Monitoring smoke pollution: When light encounters smoke particles, it will be reflected or refracted, which will cause changes in the light signal, which will be converted into electrical signals for detection.
  • Anti-counterfeiting and safety: The electrical pulse signal is amplified by photoelectric sensor and processed by computer to complete the identification of information.

The wide applications of photoelectric sensor test services

Professional test team, support multi-function test

We have a professional optical center, established a sound quality control system, and a professional technical team that can provide standardized testing procedures. We can achieve multi-level quality supervision, multi-stage test support, and multi-dimensional progress follow-up. The testing services we provide can support the entire life cycle of photoelectric sensors and provide high-quality, professional photoelectric sensor testing services.

Alfa Chemistry provides efficient photoelectric sensor testing services, which can effectively control the performance, quality and cost of internal and external photoelectric sensors. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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