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Optical Three-Dimensional Measurement

Optical Three-Dimensional Measurement

Optical Three-Dimensional Measurement

With the development of modern science and technology, optical 3D measurement has played an important role in more and more fields, including automated production, laser processing, imaging technology, image processing and other fields. Optical three-dimensional measurement adopts light beam to measure, which integrates light, machine, electricity and computer into an intelligent and visual high-tech. Optical three-dimensional measurement is used to scan the spatial shape and structure to obtain the three-dimensional outline of the object and obtain the three-dimensional position of the object surface. Traditional measurement technology has limitations such as long measurement time and inability to measure flexibly, so it cannot meet the needs of modern industrial development. Optical three-position measurement has the advantages of non-contact, real-time, high initiative, fast measurement and high precision, and supports measurement in many complex systems. Alfa Chemistry has a professional optical platform, involving development, customization, components and testing services. We insist on innovation to meet customer needs in an efficient and fast manner.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry has been engaged in optics and optical systems for many years, including optomechanical design, optical component design and construction, optical measurement, etc. We insist on focusing on customer needs and provide satisfactory services to customers around the world. Over the years, we have continued to accumulate, based on innovative technology, to carry out precise three-dimensional coordinate measurement technology research in accordance with the needs of customers. We can provide efficient 3D optical measurement services and keep them updated, including but not limited to:

About optical 3D technology

The optical three-dimensional measurement technology does not need to be in contact with the measured object and can be applied in many complex environments. Optical three-dimensional technology can accurately measure the spatial coordinates and parameters of each point of an object. This technology can also determine the additional characteristics of the object, such as the surface roughness of the object.

We provide quality services to meet customer needs

  • High-precision measurement to meet customer needs
  • High efficiency and real-time
  • Support multiple types of optical tests
  • We insist on innovation, broaden service items and categories, and meet the needs of customers in multiple categories
  • For the specific needs of customers, customized measurement services can meet customer needs

The advantages of optical three-dimensional measurement services

We insist on innovation to meet customer needs

With the development of science and technology, we continue to expand service projects, enhance service capabilities, and continue to work hard to meet customer needs. We insist on innovation, take the customer's needs as the guidance, and insist on providing customers with efficient and accurate testing services.

Professional team, provide accurate service

Alfa Chemistry's professional team can provide a wide range of services, benefiting from a wealth of professional knowledge and years of experience, to provide the most accurate measurement data in the shortest time. We work hand in hand with customers, and we can accurately measure the system according to customer needs.

Alfa Chemistry provides professional optical 3D measurement services, which is one of the new service items we have developed, featuring high efficiency and real-time. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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