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Optical Software Service

Optical Software Service

Optical Software Service

Optical software design is an emerging service project provided by Alfa Chemistry. In the process of optical research, sometimes it is impossible to find suitable optical software. In addition, the general software has many modules with expected functions. In the application process, the operation is complicated, the efficiency is low, and the training time is long. Therefore, the development is efficient, simple and suitable. Optical software is necessary. Our professional computer team works closely with optical experts to develop suitable optical development systems and software at a competitive price, and can ensure compliance with strict national rules and standards. We will respond quickly to customers' optical needs, try our best to shorten the development process, save customers' cost, energy and time, so as to facilitate the use of suitable optical software. In addition, we support the trial operation phase of the software, and keep in touch with customers and provide support during the entire process from design, development to operation.

Our Services

In addition to providing professional optical services, Alfa Chemistry also provides high-quality optical software development services. Our professional team has a strong background in optics and programming knowledge, and can develop and customize special optical software services according to customer needs, including but not limited to:

  • Development and design of matching optical software
  • Upgrade and maintenance of optical software

We insist on taking the needs of customers as the development center and provide high-quality services

  • With the support of feasibility, independently change the function of optical software
  • Safe and reliable storage and confidential data
  • Customized system design to ensure the integrity and uniqueness of optical data

Is the existing optical software suitable?

At present, most optical researchers use off-the-shelf optical software for daily research. These software are usually universal, that is, meet the needs of most people. Therefore, they can only adjust certain specific functions within a certain range, and have greater restrictions, which usually lengthens optimization and cost. If this is the case, you need a professional software supplier to provide you with development and upgrades.

For the optical software design process, you need to go through the following basic processes:

  • Understand the customer's needs for customized development software, study the feasibility, and evaluate the workload
  • The function of the management system depends on the needs of customers
  • Receive the quotation and sign the contract with the customer
  • Customized software development and design
  • Comprehensive design of customized software and systems
  • Confirm the template and perform programming (professional support)
  • Customer acceptance test, system test and commissioning
  • The development is completed and support customers to use

The process of optical software services

Why choose us?

We have a professional optical technology team, and at the same time, they also have an in-depth understanding of programming. We can respond quickly to the needs of customers, deeply understand the needs of customers, make highly feasible and highly reliable recommendations according to the requirements, and provide professional analysis software for optical customers with unique needs, thereby providing 100% The optical system that meets the customer's operation.

Alfa Chemistry provides professional optical services, and it also provides optical software services, including development, design and upgrades. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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