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Optical Scattering Services

Optical Scattering Services

Optical Scattering Measurement

Optical scattering measurement is a model-based measurement method. In the reverse extraction process of the measured parameters of the nanostructure, in order to reduce the coupling between the parameters, it is usually necessary to use the optical constant of the structure as a fixed known quantity, that is, the hypothetical structure The optical constant of the material is not affected by the incident light from the optical scatterometer. Alfa Chemistry's engineering team are experts in optical design, development and manufacturing. They will use their strong knowledge and rich experience to customize reasonable solutions to customer needs. Our researchers can ensure the reliability and feasibility of the solutions.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry has been specialized in the research of optical components for many years. Through proprietary design and analysis tools and models, we can ensure the development of the most effective solutions. We can submit precision optical products for faster and more cost-effective optical product development. Scattering data report. In the future, our research and service projects will continue to improve with customer needs and development. We will continue to expand the application range of optical products, continuously improve the performance of optical products, and provide customers all over the world with high-quality and comprehensive services. The services we can provide regarding optical scattering include but are not limited to:

Our service guarantee

We will provide complete technical specifications and reports for the design of all optical components and service solutions that we can provide. We support the batch synthesis of optical products and components. We have professional product application programs and a professional testing laboratory. Provide solutions with high reliability and high feasibility. Our goal is to provide the best quality optical components and services to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Our professional service support

  • Easy-to-understand icons will detail the progress of the project
  • Identify the affected problem and identify the problem and solve it
  • Support the detection of specific routes

The professional service support of optical scattering measurement

Service process of optical scattering measurement

The professional optical services we can provide, the implementation steps mainly include demand communication, process design, sample production and mass production. We will listen carefully to the needs of customers, communicate and understand their true thoughts. We have a professional R&D team to provide customers with standard products and customized solutions. Our experienced research team can achieve agreement from design to production. Our customized products can meet customer's approval and pass strict quality inspection.

Alfa Chemistry can provide optical scattering measurement and equipment-related services, aiming to measure the performance of optical products with accurate data. If you want to know more about optical scattering services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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