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Optical Metrology Services

Optical Metrology Services

Optical Metrology Services

Optical metrology refers to the use of light to set measurement standards. More broadly, optical metrology can include measurements that focus on the properties of light itself, or use light to discover the properties of other objects. Nowadays, optical metrology has a wide range of applications, including: optical parameters (luminosity, chromaticity, spectral luminosity, radiance, laser parameters), optical material parameters, optical film parameters, low-light image intensifiers and night vision instrument parameters , Optical fiber and optical communication functions, optoelectronic device parameters and other metrological testing. Alfa Chemistry provides professional optical metrology services, with advanced optical metrology equipment, which can detect whether optical components meet international measurement standards according to customer requirements and standards, covering almost all stages of optical production.

Our Services

Rich experience can help us formulate reliable solutions, advanced equipment to ensure production capacity and quality, we quickly respond to customer needs, focus on customer development, and insist on providing customers with satisfactory services. At Alfa Chemistry, we use advanced optical metrology technology to ensure that components meet standards and can be optimized for their design. The optical metrology services we can provide include but are not limited to:

The practical case of optical metrology

  • Laser measurement: fast and accurate measurement in a wide range. Measurement methods include time-of-flight measurement, triangulation, interferometry and phase shift methods, which are selected according to different scales and needs.
  • Optical clock measurement: Ultra-precision measurement based on optical frequency, featuring high stability and high accuracy
  • Optical temperature sensor: usually uses light to measure the temperature of an object or environment, with strong anti-interference ability and a wide temperature range.
  • Optical profiler: used to measure the performance profile, it is a non-invasive detection and the main tool for detecting the surface of optical lenses

The practical case of optical metrology

Professional optical research team provides advanced services

We have many years of accumulated experience and professional knowledge in the optical system and precision optics industry, providing optical services for many industries. We insist on focusing on customer needs, design reasonable optical solutions, work closely with customers, quickly deal with customer needs, shorten the process and provide support at all stages.

The advantages of optical metrology

  • Extremely high accuracy
  • Strong anti-interference ability, including the limits of quantum noise and laser noise
  • Fast and efficient optical measurement, ideal for process measurement
  • No contact is required, that is, non-destructive measurement, suitable for sensitive component measurement

The advantages of optical metrology

Optical metrology is becoming smaller

The optical metrology system was initially established and perfected in the 20th century. The aid of computer technology can help optical metrology improve its accuracy and accuracy, and at the same time ensure the unity of the national measurement unit system and the national measurement system. Optical metrology has always been changing the limits of measurement and measurement with the development of science and technology. The basic measurement methods from nanometer to micrometer have approached leap-level measurement, providing support for the development of science and technology.

Alfa Chemistry provides professional optical metrology services, including optical metrology measurement and calibration, and laser optical metrology, aiming to provide more accurate measurement and calibration results. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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