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Optical Metrology Measurement

Optical Metrology Measurement

Optical Metrology Measurement

Optical metrology measurement, including the measurement of the properties of light itself or the use of light to measure the properties of other objects, has the characteristics of high precision and high accuracy. Alfa Chemistry is one of the world's leading R&D and production partners of precision optics and optical systems, providing support and assistance from initial concept to design, R&D, production and integration. As a manufacturer with many years of optical experience, we deeply understand the importance of optical metrology and testing for precision optical manufacturing. We can carry out extensive internal and environmental tests to ensure that our components can operate as expected under temperature, shock and vibration or humid conditions, and to ensure that the components comply with rules and standards. We also provide optical components required for internal optical metrology. Our experts are happy to cooperate with customers to provide customers with satisfactory application design and implementation of metrology.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry has a professional optical center: a strong professional technical team, a capable management team and advanced optical equipment. From design to product development or performance testing, we always pay attention to the needs of customers for optical metrology testing results. Experienced optical engineers maintain in-depth cooperation with customers to analyze and evaluate how to complete the customer's measurement needs with extremely high accuracy and efficiency. In addition to meeting high-precision and strict standards, the optical metrology and measurement services we provide also take into account time, energy and cost factors. The content includes but not limited to:

  • Optical metrology solution design
  • Finished optical metrology test
  • Component optical metrology test

Professional equipment is the guarantee of production capacity and quality

The Process of Optical Metrology Measurement services

Alfa Chemistry maintains a close partnership with customers for a long time

Alfa Chemistry provides professional optical metrology testing services, supporting accurate measurements on site, integrating temperature, humidity and environmental factors. Advanced equipment and optical engineers with many years of experience are the key factors to ensure the accuracy of the test results. We will maintain long-term partnerships with customers and continue to strive to provide high-precision optical metrology equipment and services.

The practical case of optical metrology

  • Laser measurement
  • Optical clock measurement
  • Optical temperature sensor
  • Optical profiler

A short optical metrology test process helps to save costs

The Advantages of Optical Metrology Measurement services

A wide range of optical metrology test objects is the key to our pursuit of excellence

Optical metrology has a wide range of applications, including life light source measurement, color measurement and optical component measurement, mainly involving length, imaging optics, optical devices, radiation intensity, chromaticity, brightness and illuminance and other parameters.

  • Light source
  • Light detector
  • Optical medium
  • Optical element
  • Optical instrument

Alfa Chemistry provides professional optical metrology testing, designing many aspects of testing, including light itself and the use of light to measure the parameters of other objects. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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