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Optical Metrology Calibration

Optical Metrology Calibration

Optical Metrology Calibration

Optical metrology is a branch of metrology, and its content is about the measurement of light radiation energy from emission, transmission through the medium, and detection by the receiver. The spectrum of optical measurement ranges from infrared to ultraviolet, involving the measurement and calibration of parameters such as luminous intensity, brightness, illuminance and luminous flux. Optical metrology calibration covers a very wide range, serving the semiconductor industry, digital imaging, laser processing, automotive industry, biomedicine, machinery manufacturing and other fields. In the era of rapid development of quantum benchmarks, more and more optical quantities are incorporated into the SI unit system. Optical measurement calibration, including luminosity, spectral luminosity, chromaticity, radiance, laser parameters, optical material parameters, optical film parameters, imaging optics, low-light image intensifiers and night vision instrument parameters, optical fiber and optical communication functions, optoelectronic device parameters et al. Over the years, Alfa Chemistry has relied on a deep technical foundation and long-term accumulated work experience, market-oriented, and continuously improved the conversion rate of projects and results, solved the testing problems encountered in scientific research life, and provided reliable technology for technological innovation and support.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry has an optical metrology laboratory, which is equipped with high-precision metrology standards, which can broaden the calibration of luminosity, chromaticity, and engineering optics instruments. With rich optical experience, our professional optical team continuously strengthens optical technology strategies, solves the problems of optical metrology, and provides customers with satisfactory, high-precision and standard-compliant optical calibration services, including but not limited to:

  • Design and customization of optical metrology solutions
  • Optical metrology calibration service

Advanced optical inspection equipment for optical calibration service

There are optical standards including universal light source D204, D062, luminous intensity standard, adjustable standard light source, full digital colorimeter, haze film, diffuse transmission standard density film, heating color plate, illuminance meter, transmission standard color plate, standard color plate, standard gloss plate, standard filter, optical radiometer, luminance meter and haze meter. The above optical instruments can provide test and calibration services for color difference meters, light transmittance meters, gloss meters, color analyzers, standard light source boxes and other instruments.

Long-term commitment to provide quality services to meet and exceed customer needs

  • As a leader in the advanced optical measurement industry, we provide comprehensive one-stop solutions for various industries
  • High-quality testing and calibration services, recognized by many customers at home and abroad, in line with strict national standards
  • Possess an advanced optical testing laboratory that can quickly respond to customer needs
  • Advanced instruments provide the possibility for high accuracy of testing

The Advantages of Optical Metrology Calibration services

Calibration results strictly comply with national standards and certifications

We promise that the optical metrology calibration service provided by Alfa Chemistry meets strict standards and metrological calibration requirements for measuring equipment, and can issue a calibration certificate that meets the national calibration specifications. Make unremitting efforts to meet the measurement requirements of quality system certification, environmental system and safety system certification.

Alfa Chemistry provides reliable optical metrology calibration services, and can customize reasonable metrology testing and calibration schemes to achieve the purpose of detection and calibration according to customer needs. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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