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Optical Measurement System

Optical Measurement System

Optical Measurement System

Alfa Chemistry has an advanced optical center. In addition to professional optical mechanical design, optical system design, optical coating, optical component development and production, it also undertakes professional optical testing tasks and determines any deviations from these standards. We have an advanced optical measurement platform that integrates testing, analysis and processing services to promote the development of optics and optical systems. We have advanced optical design, budget and processing capabilities, can detect and classify optical performance, and can quickly respond to customer needs. We can design optical measurement services for harsh environments and have high system reliability. We insist on continuously developing new knowledge and technology to meet the needs of high-performance optoelectronic product research and development in advanced manufacturing technology and advanced detection technology. We face customers all over the world, adhere to customer-centric, technological innovation as the goal, we will shorten the inspection process, reduce costs and time, and meet customer needs in an efficient way.

Our Services

The optical measurement system can detect and determine the optical characteristics of the target object. Alfa Chemistry insists on being customer-centric. Professional researchers simplify the system structure and greatly reduce the system cost. Our measurement results have high accuracy, high accuracy and The advantage of high integration. We provide professional optical measurement services, including but not limited to:

Our optical measurement system can perform the following measurements:

  • Dimension measurement (length and diameter, radius and angle)
  • Thread measurement (size, shape)
  • Shape measurement (straightness, roundness, cylindricity)
  • Contour shape (free shape, tolerance range, cam shape)
  • Position measurement (radial runout and axial runout, straightness, symmetry and parallelism, concentricity and concentricity)

We serve the automotive industry, medical technology, laser processing, sensors and other industries, with the following advantages:

  • High precision: improvement and optimization of repeatability and reproducibility, precise measurement resolution
  • Efficient and fast: can detect quickly and efficiently
  • High flexibility: The optical measurement system can be quickly integrated into existing systems
  • Strong durability: suitable for use in production
  • Low cost: reduce costs, reduce time and material loss, and meet customer needs
  • Support customization: The optical measurement system can quickly respond to customer needs and support customized measurement systems
  • Convenient: The optical measurement system can be used quickly, easy to operate, and easy to install
  • System improvement and upgrade: In view of the requirements of strict testing environment, the optical testing system can be improved

Optical Measurement System

High-quality optical measurement platform to meet measurement requirements

We have professional optical design engineers, who have accumulated a wealth of professional knowledge and long-term experience in the optical field, and can provide professional optical measurement systems. We can help customers complete measurement and evaluation, from creating design to running measurement, and provide support and assistance throughout the process. We can modify the measurement system and support the development of tailor-made designs to meet the measurement needs of customers.

Alfa Chemistry provides professional optical measurement services, supports multiple types of optical tests, and can quickly respond to customers' measurement needs. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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