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Optical Material Test Service

Optical Material Test Service

Optical Material-Testing

With the wide application of optical devices in daily life, the technical requirements for the detection of optical materials continue to increase. The measurement of precision optical materials is the key to verifying its excellent performance. The measurement of components can control the quality of the product from the source, thereby reducing costs and reducing waste. Alfa Chemistry is an optical supplier, providing customers with professional customized solutions, fast quotation and delivery, professional inspection services and professional optical inspection services. We can support from initial design, to production and development, to testing and analysis. Our optical engineers can participate in all stages and can provide reliable support and assistance. Over the years, we have insisted on taking customer needs as the center and innovation-oriented, continuously enhancing our service capabilities, and introducing advanced optical technology to provide customers with efficient and satisfactory services. We are committed to precise optical testing services, and are happy to solve testing problems for customers and meet customer needs in a fast and efficient manner.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry has a professional optical testing center, engineers with many years of testing experience, can perform multi-functional testing. The testing of optical materials we can provide includes but not limited to:

  • Laser damage threshold test
  • Laser durability certification
  • Optical density test
  • Transmission test
  • Material absorption characteristics test
  • Optical material uniformity test
  • Other special tests

We insist on enhancing our service capabilities and expanding our test items to meet the rapidly changing needs of our customers.

Professional team, provide accurate testing services

  • Complete equipment: to ensure that it is suitable for testing multiple types of devices
  • Rich experience: The accumulation of many years of testing experience and knowledge will help solve various testing problems
  • Professional and precise: the pursuit of excellence, efficiency and economy
  • Strong adaptability: highly accurate tests can be carried out in harsh environments (requires multiple calibrations)
  • Multi-function: support to quickly modify the existing test system to meet the test of special components
  • Systematic testing: support the modification and improvement in the later stage of the test, and can provide reliable suggestions and help

Optical Material-Testing

We insist on customer-centric and provide high-quality services

We support customer's personalized test needs, can modify the existing test system according to customer's needs, and can carry out multiple professional calibrations, so as to ensure the reliability of test results. In addition, for each tested object, we can provide a professional test report that meets the regulations and standards.

Alfa Chemistry provides accurate optical material testing services, supporting internal and external testing, which is the key to ensuring the excellent performance of optical materials. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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