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Optical Machine Design

Optical Machine Design

Optical Machine Design

Optical engineers will use ray tracing software to construct the optical design, usually taking into account the installation, assembly and operation factors that need to be performed later. Incorporating factors for mechanical design, assembly and alignment in the optical design stage helps to save time and reduce the high cost and time cost of later changes. We closely integrate members of the design and production team, using their professional skills and rich experience to customize optical instruments, components and optical systems. Help us realize from the initial concept to mass production.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing optomechanical products and solutions. It can provide customers with cost-effective solutions quickly and submit results quickly. We provide high-quality optical machinery services, designed for long-life, high-quality and lower-cost optical machinery and optical components. including but not limited to:

  • Development and customization of cost-effective solutions
  • Solution improvement (including time and cost factors)

Timely feedback and follow-up to provide better service and high-quality products

We will keep in touch with customers at any time during the production process, promptly adopt customer requirements and suggestions, and make reasonable measures. Our engineers will pay attention to the whole process to ensure the rationality and reliability of each step. A strict quality monitoring platform is also another key factor to ensure quality. Our extensive experience in designing high-precision optical instruments can help us quickly submit more affordable high-quality products.

Streamlined steps, saving time, effort and cost as much as possible

  • Initial inquiry
  • Detailed analysis
  • Research and build optical instruments
  • Comprehensive consideration of the influence of many environmental factors (pressure, stress, shock, temperature and vibration)
  • Carefully select reliable, economical and efficient materials to avoid obstacles caused by system deflection
  • Optimize from design to production

Our Services

Select materials with excellent performance for optical device and mechanical synthesis

The correct selection of materials is very important for the components of the optical mechanical system. We provide mechanical parts made of a variety of metals, including aluminum alloy, copper, indium steel, stainless steel, and titanium et al. The main consideration is the thermal conductivity, wear resistance, stability, strength, light weight and economy of the material.

Factors to be considered in the development and design of reliable optical mechanical equipment

  • Package size and weight: there is enough space in the optical design so that the design of this position can be realized in the mechanical design
  • The possibility of reassembly: whether it will be disassembled and re-assembled
  • Understand movement requirements and alignment requirements: align the optical components correctly, and may need to be adjusted to maintain the desired design performance
  • Avoid stray light: using non-sequential ray tracing analysis can also complete a more comprehensive investigation
  • Pay attention to environmental influences: pressure, acceleration/vibration (if falling), vibration (during transportation or work), temperature fluctuations, or the need to work in water or other substances

reliable optical mechanical equipment

First-class optical team, providing high-quality services and products

For a long time, Alfa Chemistry has brought together outstanding optical experts and engineers from all over the world. With many years of experience and rich professional knowledge, Alfa Chemistry can guarantee the rationality and reliability of industrial solutions and provide advice and support. At the same time, Alfa Chemistry also matches advanced and complete optical equipment to ensure production capacity and quality.

Alfa Chemistry has optomechanical related services and products, provides cost-effective solutions and can quickly submit services, aiming to reduce the time, effort and cost of constructing high-precision optical components. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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