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Optical Lens Test System

Optical Lens Test System

Optical Lens Test Services

The optical lens is an indispensable part of the vision system and has a very important influence on the optical imaging performance. There are many types of optical lenses: from the focal length, they can be divided into short-focus lenses, medium-focus lenses and telephoto lenses; from the structure, there are fixed-aperture fixed-focus lenses, manual zoom lenses, manual-aperture fixed-focus lenses, and auto-aperture fixed-focus lenses et al. Alfa Chemistry is a professional supplier of optical devices, it has been engaged in optical research for many years and is committed to providing high-quality optical devices and services. It have a top optical team, professional ability to support the individual needs of customers, advanced professional equipment to ensure quality and efficiency, experienced engineers can help solve many problems encountered in the test and can provide reasonable suggestions and assistance. Our optical experts have many years of experience in the field of optical testing. They are well aware of the parameters and performance of optical lenses, and can maximize design and development, and support system testing and improvement.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry has many years of experience and accumulation in the field of optical testing, which can support customers' personalized testing needs and meet customer needs in a fast and efficient manner. We provide efficient optical lens testing system services, including single or multiple tests, and support multiple tests. Our test results have the advantages of high precision, high accuracy, and high repeatability.

  • Optical lens test solution
  • Design and development of optical lens test system
  • Optical lens test system customization
  • Optical lens test system customization
  • Improved optical lens test system
  • Optical lens test system integration

Optical lens test system

Alfa Chemistry provides a professional optical lens test system, which is a modular, multi-functional optical test system that supports one or more optical lens tests. We provide customers with a full set of optical lens testing services, as well as upgrades to optical testing systems. We can provide more advanced optical lens test systems, provide different types of test systems based on different optoelectronic systems, and design and produce a series of optical test systems based on our mature experience and capabilities.

Optical Lens Test Services

Alfa Chemistry provides professional optical lens testing services, including design, development, customization, improvement and integration. We insist on meeting the high standards of customers with efficient testing. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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