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Optical Lens Design

Optical Lens Design

Optical Lens Design

The purpose and use conditions of optical instruments will put forward certain requirements on the optical system. The optical lens is made of a variety of high-hard materials steamed in a vacuum. According to the principle of light interference, the optical lens can selectively increase the transmission of visible light through the laser protective lens, increase the light transmittance of the optical lens, and make the image clearer. At the same time, the lens can also reflect harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays. Alfa Chemistry specializes in optical chemistry, providing comprehensive and advanced chemical chemistry services to customers around the world.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry pays great attention to the design of the lens while caring about the quality of the optical lens. The design of the optical lens mainly includes the following aspects: asymmetric design, aspheric lens, rigid and soft design, multiple designs, polarized lenses, and more Focus design. Alfa Chemistry helps customers solve practical problems and provides customers with advanced, comprehensive and convenient optical services. The optical lens services we can provide include but are not limited to:

  • Camera lens design (prime lens, zoom lens)
  • Collimating lens design
  • Telecentric lens design
  • Telescope lens design
  • Microscope objective and eyepiece lens design
  • Projection lens design
  • Dispersion lens design
  • Transceiver lens design

Why choose us?

The purpose of our service is to proceed from the needs of customers and to develop based on the needs of customers. With professional technology and methods, we can customize reasonable materials and optimization strategies for customers to meet customer needs.

Quality assurance and control

As a supplier of optical components, Alfa Chemistry has a wealth of experience and a strict product quality assurance system, relying on advanced instruments and technology to provide customers with reliable products and high-quality services.

Service Principle

Alfa Chemistry always adheres to the goal of high quality, trust, unique brand and long-term development. Our company's philosophy is that the needs of customers are the ultimate goal of our struggle.

Features and advantages

  • Leading technology, experienced and creative team
  • We will keep the customer's information strictly confidential
  • Quality assurance, under strict quality control, the quality of the lens is guaranteed
  • Professional knowledge and experienced optical research team
  • It has strong flexibility and can be professionally customized to meet customer requirements

The features and advantages of optical lens design services

Alfa Chemistry specializes in optical chemistry, and has insisted on providing customers with advanced products and quality services for many years. If you want to know more about optical services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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