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Optical Design Data Terminology

Optical Design Data Terminology

Optical Design Data Terminology

Alfa Chemistry is a professional optical manufacturer dedicated to optical design, providing advanced optical equipment and optical services to customers around the world for many years. Our team has many years of experience in optical design systems and optical prototyping, and can customize solutions for customers' product development and performance enhancement. For many years, Alfa Chemistry has insisted on meeting the needs of customers as the development basis, helping customers customize reasonable solutions to meet the high standards of customers.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry provides services with extremely high precision and custom coatings, as well as optical design services. Optical design is mainly aimed at the design of optical components, and some optical parameters need to be understood.

  • Lens Terminology
  • Focal Length Formulas for Singlet Lenses and Mirrors
  • Effective Focal Lenght of Two Thin Lenses
  • F - Number (F/#)
  • Numerical Aperture (NA)
  • Sagitta
  • Using Wedged Windows
  • Selecting a Prism
  • Waveplates
  • Quarter and Half Waveplates
  • Dual Wavelength & Harmonic Waveplates
  • Polarization Rotators

About us

Alfa Chemistry is an expert in the field of professional optical services, and is highly committed to providing complete and comprehensive solutions to customers around the world. Over the years, we have insisted on maintaining a loyal cooperative relationship with customers, providing customers with the best quality service and the fastest response. We look forward to exceeding customer expectations, helping customers complete solutions and helping them succeed.

Our team

  • Our team has a professional knowledge background and can help customers customize solutions and ensure their rationality and reliability
  • Experimental engineers have rich experience and provide customers with high-quality services and high-quality products

Our service advantages

  • Accelerate processing as required and meet strict deadlines
  • Provide a series of services
  • Unique customized products

The service advantages of optical design data terminology

Promises and guarantees

Alfa Chemistry adheres to customer orientation, has rich experience in the industry, and is a loyal partner to customers. We have large production laboratories and engineers with rich professional knowledge. We can provide a variety of product development and solution customization. It can support fast small, medium and large batch production, and can combine the most advanced automation technology with skilled craftsmanship to provide customers with satisfactory services.

Alfa Chemistry provides optical design data services to help customers understand optical components in depth, which is of great significance to the performance improvement and design of optical components. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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