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Optical Design and Consulting

Optical Design and Consulting

Optical Design and Consulting

Alfa Chemistry is a professional world-class optical manufacturer with a high focus on optical design, providing high-quality relational optical devices for the medical, commercial and laser markets for many years. We provide optical components with high precision and customized layers. Our team has many years of experience in system design and prototyping. We are good at designing optical systems, from basic optical components, to system imaging and laser optics, from ultraviolet to infrared. We can help customers customize and reasonable optical solutions to meet customers' high standards.

Our Services

We are specialized in providing various design services to meet customer needs. . Our design engineers are proficient in complex optical and mechanical analysis. Whether it is inventory or customization, our design philosophy focuses on manufacturability, which can produce the fastest, most advantageous and most effective results. Our optical services include but are not limited to:

Design technology

Alfa Chemistry's engineering team are experts in the design, development and manufacturing of optical structures. Our engineers have professional knowledge background and rich experience to develop customized solutions for customers, which are optimized for performance and manufacturability. Alfa Chemistry has a variety of different design and analysis software, optical modeling, can ensure the development of the most effective solution, and lay a solid foundation for improving optical components and performance.

Advantage support

  • Years of design experience in optics
  • Engineering support and services all over the world
  • Integrated and optimized design for high output

Service process

Alfa Chemistry focuses on the production of optical products. Our service process includes consultation and communication, understanding customer needs, understanding the feasibility of the design, conducting preliminary reviews, conducting critical design reviews, submitting customer quotations, and manufacturing. We can further improve the optical performance of certain optical components and components.

The service process of optical design and consulting

Our team

Our experienced employees provide timely, high-quality and reliable technical support, including: specification definition, component recommendation, product integration, installation, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair.

Service guarantee

The Alfa Chemistry basis service policy is the way of working with customers. Our technicians, optomechanical engineers, experts and experienced managers form a dedicated team to serve in the optical field for a long time to ensure that we provide comprehensive precision optical solutions to customer.

Alfa Chemistry provides optical design services, including the development and design of optical components, to help solve customers' optical-related problems. If you want to know more services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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