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Optical 3D Testing Solutions

Optical 3D Testing Solutions

Optical 3D Testing Solutions

With the development of science and technology, optical 3D measurement has been widely used in many fields, such as automated production, biomedical engineering, robotics, industrial testing and other fields. The traditional measurement method is usually a contact test method, which has a long measurement time, needs to be compensated for the probe radius, and cannot measure the limitations of elastic or brittle materials. Therefore, it is necessary to develop efficient and reasonable three-dimensional optical measurement technology to achieve the measurement purpose. According to the test requirements of customers, it is usually necessary to customize a suitable test solution in order to understand the performance of the object, thus select a suitable optical test system for efficient measurement. Alfa Chemistry can comprehensively consider customer expectations, device performance and use environment and other factors to provide automated test solutions to achieve high-precision, low-error and low-cost measurement services. Our engineers rely on years of measurement experience and accumulation of relevant knowledge to design and improve test plans, optimize test procedures, and meet customer needs with efficient solutions.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry has a professional optical center, relying on the world's top optical 3D measurement technology and years of testing experience and accumulation to provide customers around the world with efficient optical 3D testing solutions. From program customization to upgrades and improvements, our relevant professionals can provide reliable help and support.

  • Design and customization of optical 3D testing solutions
  • Upgrade and improvement of optical 3D testing solutions

Short customized solution process to help reduce costs and effort

  • Communication and consultation: we will communicate with customers in detail to clarify their testing needs
  • Performance analysis: professional engineers make a rough evaluation of the performance of the device according to the model
  • Test plan customization: a professional team will design an optical 3D test plan
  • Evaluation plan: professional and technical personnel repeatedly evaluate the feasibility and efficiency of the test plan, and proceed to the next step after reaching the standard
  • Plan determination: determine the test plan with the customer and transfer it to the testing team for precision testing

The features of optical 3D measurement services

Professional measurement technology is the quality assurance

We have advanced and precise coordinate measuring equipment, comprehensive precision machinery, electronics, computers and optics and other advanced technologies, which can measure the size, shape and relative position of components with high precision. As a professional precision measurement technology, it has the advantages of strong flexibility, high measurement accuracy, high reliability, and fast and convenient data processing. Optical measurement technology including:

  • Contact measurement: easily affected by environmental factors, measurement efficiency is very low, not suitable for large-scale measurement
  • Non-contact measurement: based on optical principles, it has the advantages of high efficiency, non-invasiveness, and large working distance

Alfa Chemistry provides efficient 3D testing solutions, including design and development, customization and improvement. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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