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Optical 3D Measurement System

Optical 3D Measurement System

Optical 3D Measurement System

Optical three-dimensional measurement applies a light beam to scan to obtain the three-dimensional contour of the object, and then obtain the three-dimensional space coordinates of the object surface. The optical three-dimensional measurement system is a system that integrates optical, electrical, mechanical and computer technology to perform optical measurement. It can perform intelligent, automated, non-contact, high-precision and high-efficiency testing. With the development and demand of measurement technology, optical 3D measurement has huge application potential in laser processing, automotive industry, industrial testing industry, medical diagnosis and biotechnology. With many years of rich experience and knowledge accumulation, Alfa Chemistry can provide cost-effective 3D optical test systems according to customer needs, speed up customer device testing and market launch speed, and at the same time, can also improve the market competitiveness of products. Our professional technicians can carry out professional data processing, carry out strict quality monitoring during the test process, realize intelligent control, reduce costs, shorten delivery cycles, and comprehensively enhance competitiveness.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry has a professional optical center, which has many types of optical three-dimensional measurement equipment, with the advantages of high precision, high convenience, strong mechanical stability, high thermal stability, super performance and fast scanning speed. Three-dimensional optical systems are becoming more and more intelligent, automated and efficient, which can greatly improve test efficiency, accuracy and integration. The services we provide regarding optical 3D testing systems include but are not limited to:

  • Design and development of optical 3D test system
  • Customized optical 3D test system
  • Optical 3D test system production
  • Optical 3D test system integration
  • Optical 3D test system upgrade

Our advantages

  • We support personalized testing and provide high-performance testing systems
  • Modularly expand the possibility, which can be modified and upgraded at any time according to the customer's test requirements
  • Provide professional data analysis, capable of rapid sub-quality analysis
  • Quality control design, improve data collection and reverse engineering of precision equipment

The advantages of optical 3D measurement system services

Our testing capabilities

We can provide a portable optical three-dimensional test system that can quickly and accurately measure the three-dimensional coordinates of an object. We support original calibration and also provide mold design. In the actual inspection process, we can improve the processing accuracy and quickly integrate it into other inspection systems. Professional technical services make it highly automated and inspection performance. We can carry out professional data processing, including data collection, analysis, transmission and processing.

Alfa Chemistry provides professional optical system design, development, customization, production, integration and upgrade, and supports single-item or system-based services. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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