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Non-imaging Optical Design

Non-imaging Optical Design

Non-imaging Optical Design

Non-imaging optical design is mainly based on the needs of customers, based on professional knowledge and principles, and finally transforming the initial optical design into actual optical products. The non-imaging optical design services provided by Alfa Chemistry include lighting system design, light projection lens design, uniform light module lens design and light collection system design. Alfa Chemistry specializes in the development and synthesis of optical components, and supports non-imaging optical design services. Using optical principles and optical knowledge, through design, testing and optimization, to understand customer needs, obtain quantifiable optical indicators, and ultimately meet customer needs.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry has provided non-imaging optical services to customers all over the world for many years. We are experienced in optical design, have extensive professional knowledge and diversified skills, and can efficiently solve the problems encountered in production and manufacturing. Many challenges put forward profound thinking. The non-imaging optical services we can provide include but are not limited to:

About us

Are you looking for a reliable team in non-imaging optical design? Do you need custom optics designed for manufacturing? Alfa Chemistry has a strong team with in-depth understanding of optical design and manufacturing. We provide services in the pharmaceutical, biomedical and life science industries. We invite you to cooperate with us and try our best to reduce costs and provide customers with satisfactory services.

Our advantages in non-imaging optical design

Our optical engineers understand that you need to design products that meet or exceed requirements, and can produce and manufacture cost-effectively. We look forward to working with customers to conduct feasibility studies on optical design. We have many advantages, such as:

  • Free consultation and preliminary feasibility study
  • Professional economic production
  • Rapid prototyping and mass production capabilities
  • Top quality and competitive price

The advantages of non-imaging optical design services

Design and development

We support the design and development of optical components, from initial feasibility exploration and technical requirements research, to cost analysis and mechanical design, to rapid prototyping, and finally to the development of optical products. Our researchers will conduct in-depth thinking at all stages, and you will find that our engineering services are valuable resources for customer product development and manufacturing.

Alfa Chemistry has been specialized in optical chemistry for many years, providing high-quality non-imaging optical services, including design, development and production. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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