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Narrowband Reflective Coating Design

Narrowband Reflective Coating Design

Narrowband Reflective Coating Design

The anti-reflection coating is a thin dielectric coating applied to the optical surface. In order to reduce the reflectivity of the surface to a certain wavelength region, it is used on optical components to reduce optical loss and some harmful effects caused by reflected light beams. The narrow-band high-reflective coating is a specific wavelength reflective coating for laser applications. It is made of hard electron beam deposited dielectric materials, so it has excellent wear resistance, moisture resistance and laboratory solvent resistance. Alfa Chemistry has many years of experience in optical coating, providing professional, economic and efficient services.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry has provided advanced optical coating services for many years, adhering to the needs of customers as the development priority, focusing on product development and design, and providing high-end and satisfactory services to customers around the world. We have a professional team, advanced technical equipment, to provide customers with professional optical coating services, including but not limited to:

  • Narrowband reflective coating design
  • Narrowband reflective coating solution design
  • Improved performance of narrow-band reflective coating materials

The application

Anti-reflection coatings are usually coated on laser crystals and nonlinear crystals, applied to optical interfaces with an area of a few square millimeters, and can also be coated on fiber sections, protective sleeves and assembly connectors.

We have professional optical coating equipment

  • Nano super hard film coating equipment
  • Multifunctional decorative coating equipment
  • Diamond coating equipment
  • Multifunctional composite coating equipment
  • Optical Coating Machine

We look forward to providing quality optical coating services

The optical coating is composed of a thin layer of dielectric material, which can be designed to improve the reflection and projection characteristics of the optical element. Various optical coatings can be directly applied to the surface of optical components, which can directly adjust the reflectivity of the components, and are widely used in a variety of optical components, such as optical lenses, filters, beam splitters et al. At present, researchers are not only committed to broadening the scope of optical coating materials, such as nano-particle optical coatings and super-hydrophobic optical coating designs, but they are also constantly updating the technology of optical coating materials, such as manufacturing microporous nanomaterials at the nanometer level etching.

The service advantages of narrowband reflective coating design

Our optical service advantages

  • Advanced equipment to ensure production capacity and quality
  • Professional and accurate team to meet high quality requirements
  • Dedicated service to win the trust of customers

Our service guarantee

Since its establishment, Alfa Chemistry has been adhering to customer needs as the core, focusing on R&D and design, and serving attentively. We have professional management personnel and a high-quality technical team, which provide a steady stream of energy for future sustainable development. We adhere to the business philosophy of quality as the development priority, time as the prestige, and price as the competitiveness. We always insist on innovation, strictly control quality, and insist on making high-quality products.

Alfa Chemistry specializes in providing optical coating design services to meet the high requirements and high standards of customers. If you want to know more about optical services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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