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Multi-layer Coating Design

Multi-layer Coating Design

Multi-layer Coating Design

In recent years, optical coating services have been widely used in the fields of optics and electronics to manufacture various optical instruments. Our optical engineers will have an in-depth understanding of customer needs, design products that meet or exceed the requirements, and can achieve cost-effective manufacturing. Through proper design, the optical coating can significantly change the reflection and transmission characteristics of the optical element, and realize the design of optical performance from deep ultraviolet to infrared. Commonly used optical components are: special optical lenses (coating can simply reduce the surface reflectivity to improve the overall transmission performance), filters (controlling the purpose of light transmission, integrating the optical coating into a single chip component). If you can't find a suitable single-layer coating material, it needs to have reflective properties in a large wavelength range (lights of different wavelength ranges need to be available at the same time, or different incident angles), and a more complex design is required. Numerical calculation methods are usually used. When designing a multilayer dielectric coating, it is necessary to make a trade-off between reflectivity and broadband, and the multilayer coating needs to have moderate performance in a large wavelength range.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry specializes in the development and design of optical coatings, which reflect, guide and filter light, aiming to improve the quality of optical components and support from prototype design to cost-effective mass production. Our thin-film coating enables our optical components to span the entire range of ultraviolet to infrared, focusing on R&D and design, and through our unremitting efforts, we can provide customers with high-quality and high-quality services. The multi-layer optical coating services we can provide include but are not limited to:

  • Multi-layer optical coating design
  • Solution design and development

The application fields of optical coating

  • Semiconductor industry
  • Health care and life sciences
  • Mathematical imaging system
  • Lighting and energy
  • Automobile industry

We maintain long-term cooperative relations with customers

We have professional and high-quality technical personnel to support the design and development of new high-performance products, and adhere to the development center of customer needs to ensure the quality of products and services. Each of our orders goes through a strict and correct process, supporting from prototype design to mass production. We can provide feasibility studies to ensure that the products meet strict standards and meet the optical design of the spectral range from deep ultraviolet to long wave infrared.

The advantages of multi-layer coating design

We have professional optical coating equipment

  • Ion beam sputtering (IBS)
  • Magnetron sputtering (MS)
  • Advanced plasma source assisted deposition (APS)
  • Ion beam assisted deposition (IAD)

Alfa Chemistry specializes in providing optical component design and development services, which can help customers design reasonable solutions and provide high-quality products. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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