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Metal Coated Optical Fiber

Metal Coated Optical Fiber

Metal Coated Optical Fiber

Coating materials on the outer layer of the optical fiber can make the optical fiber have unique properties. The metal coated optical fiber is prepared by coating Ni, Cu, Al and other metals on the optical fiber, which has strong heat resistance, durability, high bending strength and sealing Because of its high performance, it is often used in electronic circuits. In the early days, due to the large difference between the expansion coefficients of metal and glass, the optical fiber was easily lost, and the performance of the metal optical fiber was not high. In recent years, researchers have continuously improved the metal coating technology, and the non-electrolytic coating method used has greatly improved its performance, so its application has gradually been widely used.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry has a professional optical research team that can develop and customize high-quality optical fiber products. Our researchers have a strong knowledge background in optics, and have advanced and fully equipped laboratories, analysis and inspection rooms. Their rich experience and solid foundation can help customers customize reasonable and appropriate solutions. The existing product formula speculates and improves the performance of the product. We can provide high-quality metal-coated optical fiber production services, including but not limited to

  • Custom metal coated optical fiber
  • Performance improvement and processing of metal optical fiber coating
  • Metal coated optical fiber performance evaluation

Our advantages

Our customized optical fiber has the following advantages:

  • Large information capacity
  • Low loss, long-distance transmission
  • Strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability
  • Good security performance and confidentiality
  • Light weight, small size, convenient for construction and maintenance
  • Abundant sources of raw materials and potential low prices

Metal Coated Optical Fiber

The application of optical fiber products

  • Optical fiber technology in the field of medical endoscopes
  • Optical fiber image transmission principle
  • Optical system of fiber endoscope
  • Communication applications of optical fiber technology
  • Fiber optic technology in radar and microwave systems
  • Optical fiber technology in the field of security monitoring

Our custom process

Alfa Chemistry can provide customized services for metal-coated optical fibers, and can customize solutions according to customer needs and synthesize high-quality optical fiber products. Our customization process mainly includes: consulting and communication, signing contracts and submitting deposits, designing plans and production, submitting final payment and reports, and mailing products.

Alfa Chemistry provides development and customization services for metal-coated optical fiber products, aiming to improve the abrasion resistance, durability and high bending strength of optical fiber products. If you want to know more customized services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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