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Lighting and LED Optical Design

Lighting and LED Optical Design

Lighting and LED Optical Design

In recent years, LED lighting has become popular in a short period of time. What is usually needed in life is the supporting LED products, and the design of the secondary optical element plays a vital role in the optical output efficiency of the LED lamp. If the LED reflector is used improperly, dark shadows, dark spots, etc. will appear, which will affect the quality of the product, so it is very important for the design of optical components. Alfa Chemistry focuses on the research of optical chemistry, and conducts targeted research and development, design and manufacturing, and is able to design, mold and produce in accordance with the launched services.

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In daily life, the application of LED optics is becoming more and more extensive, and the requirements for it are getting higher and higher. Alfa Chemistry has been focusing on optical chemistry for many years, supporting optical R&D, design and manufacturing, and has accumulated rich R&D and design experience for many well-known lighting companies. We can support the development and manufacturing of a variety of products, from design to production, and support the efficient design of optics.

  • Primary optical design of LED

When packaging LED chips into LED optoelectronic components, an optical design must be carried out first to solve the range and distribution of LED light angle, light intensity, luminous flux, light intensity distribution, and color temperature. This is the so-called primary optical design.

  • Secondary optical design of LED

The secondary optical design is for high-power LED lighting: generally high-power LEDs have a primary lens, and the light-emitting angle is about 120 degrees. The secondary optics is to change the optical performance of the light after passing the primary lens through an optical lens. Before high-power LED lighting components become lighting products, optical design is generally carried out twice.

LED related optical design

  • LED chip
  • Reflector cup
  • Encapsulated silicone or epoxy
  • Fluorescent glue
  • Lens

Optical design theory support

  • Choose a reasonable initial structure and design indicators
  • Be able to make judgments on the status quo, including the rationality, reliability and feasibility of the initial requirements

The optical design theory support of lighting and LED optical design

Alfa Chemistry can provide high-quality optical design services, help customers design and customize reasonable solutions, and provide customers around the world with satisfactory systems and products suitable for market lighting. If you want to know more about optical design services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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