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Light Regulator Services

Light Regulator Services

Light Regulator Services

Optical modulators are ideal for modulating the amplitude, phase and polarization of laser light in the visible and infrared spectrum. We select the control unit through the interface on the computer to control the amplitude modulator. Alfa Chemistry's optical modulation technology is suitable for custom modulators for various applications, enabling customers to reduce the repetition frequency of pulsed lasers or generate radiation pulses, and accurately customize the geometry or working wavelength of the waveguide structure according to the customer's individual requirements. We can match appropriate connectors to couple input and output light through polarization maintaining mode light.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry provides customers with a variety of integrated light modulators and liquid crystal-based modulators, as well as responsive control units that can modulate the light modulators according to customer needs. Our products are completely tailored for customers' applications. In addition to standard light modulators, we also provide development and manufacturing of customized components.

With Alfa Chemistry's integrated optical amplitude modulator, the amplitude of the laser can be adjusted at extremely high frequencies and an excellent extinction ratio can be obtained.

Alfa Chemistry's light modulator is based on a linear array of independently controllable bands. The single-layer structure can modulate the phase or amplitude, and the double-sided structure can modulate the phase and amplitude of the light at the same time.

We provide professional optical modulator services to control the phase, amplitude and polarization state

  • High resolution spatial light modulator with single pixel modulator with high laser power large array
  • Easily communicate with customers and facilitate user operations
  • A wide wavelength range
  • Meet the individual needs of customers and provide specific optical products and services

The advantages of light regulator services

Our integrated tuner is ideal for adjusting light phase

Alfa Chemistry is an ideal choice for light modulators that modulate the amplitude, phase and polarization in the visible and infrared spectrum. The experienced team can guarantee the reliability and efficiency of the solution, and the advanced equipment can guarantee the production capacity. We wholeheartedly provide customers with professional, high-quality and efficient services.

Optical modulators can be widely used in many fields

  • Laser and material processing: high-power pulse shaping and ultra-short pulse laser
  • Chemistry field: coherent control
  • Analytics: multidimensional microscopy and spectroscopy
  • Laser technology: pulse compression
  • Optical field: modulated light is a simple method for lasers in the visible spectrum and near-infrared spectrum range
  • Photonics field: the variable phase/amplitude mask method is used for femtosecond pulse laser pulse shaping in the research and implementation of ultrafast processes

Alfa Chemistry provides professional light modulator services, including integrated light modulator and liquid crystal light modulator services. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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