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LCD Light Regulator

LCD Light Regulator

LCD Light Regulator

Optical modulators are ideal for modulating the amplitude, phase and polarization of laser light in the visible and infrared spectrum. The liquid crystal light modulator includes two configurations of single-layer mask and double-layer mask. They usually work in the wavelength range of 430-1600 nm. Among them, the double-layer mask can meet the requirements of simultaneous and independent control of phase and amplitude. We use liquid crystal light modulators to reliably and safely control optical characteristics (including the phase, amplitude and polarization of light waves) without mechanical moving parts. We can control the amplitude modulator only through the interface control unit on the computer, and then achieve the purpose of controlling the phase, amplitude and polarization of the light wave.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry provides customers with a variety of services related to integrated light modulators and liquid crystal-based modulators, as well as responsive control units. We can precisely customize the geometry or working wavelength of the waveguide structure according to the individual requirements of customers, so that customers can reduce the repetition frequency of pulsed lasers or generate radiation pulses. The products and services we provide are completely tailored to customers' applications. In addition to standard optical modulator-related services, we also provide services for developing and manufacturing customer-specific components.

  • Precisely customize the waveguide structure and working wavelength
  • Development and manufacturing of custom components
  • Customize and test the parameters of the liquid crystal light modulator

First-class service team and advanced equipment meet high standards and requirements

We have the world's top optical team: optical researchers have professional optical quality and knowledge to ensure the reliability and rationality of the solution, and can give reasonable suggestions and support. Optical engineers have many years of experience in the industry, can realize from the scheme to the mass production, can carry out the inspection and can ensure the quality.

We have advanced and complete equipment: the world's advanced optical center, many departments can meet the requirements from the program, to the mass production to the inspection, and can improve the parameters and processes in time according to the customer's requirements.

The team composition of LCD light regulator department

Meet the individual needs of customers, and provide specific optical products and services

  • Professional service to meet your individual needs
  • Open and transparent process, comprehensive follow-up and monitoring
  • Provide special customized products and solutions
  • A large number of virtual instruments, easy for customers to operate

Many application fields promote our development

  • Laser and material processing: high-power pulse shaping and ultra-short pulse laser
  • Chemistry field: coherent control
  • Analytics field: multidimensional microscopy and spectroscopy
  • Laser technology: pulse compression
  • Optical field: modulated light is a simple method for lasers in the visible spectrum and near-infrared spectrum range

We look forward to maintaining a long-term cooperative relationship with you

With our many years of professional supply chain management services, we will provide customers with reliable advice and support throughout the project, and develop photoelectric systems from samples to finished products. We look forward to cooperating with you. In this process, we will strictly keep your order confidential and serve you wholeheartedly.

Alfa Chemistry provides professional optical modulator services designed to quickly respond to phase, amplitude, and polarization states and changes. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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