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Laser Optical Metrology

Laser Optical Metrology

Laser Optical Metrology

Metrology technology is the key to ensuring that optical components always meet the required rules and function safely. A variety of metrology techniques can be used for detection, including cavity ring-down spectroscopy, interferometry, Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors, atomic force microscopes, differential interference contrast microscopes, and spectrophotometers. Laser optical metrology has the characteristics of high precision, high accuracy and high efficiency. As an experienced professional development and production partner, Alfa Chemistry focuses on imaging, optical systems and optical metrology, providing services for the semiconductor industry, biological sciences, and medical testing. We are in close contact with customers, quickly respond to customer needs and provide laser optical measurement support. We will try our best to reduce costs, shorten processes, and continue to innovate to meet customer needs.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry provides professional laser optical measurement services. In addition to laser measurement services for optical components, it also provides the design and development of professional laser optical measurement solutions that need to meet the requirements of rules, functions, feasibility and reliability. We have a professional optical technology team, continue to learn and absorb, with rich experience, provide reliable optical metrology services for all walks of life, including but not limited to:

  • Laser optical metrology of optical components, components or devices
  • Development and customization of solutions for efficient laser optical metrology

Alfa Chemistry provides high-quality optical services for all walks of life

  • Semiconductor equipment
  • Safety inspection
  • Health Medical/Life Science
  • Lighting and energy
  • Automotive Industry and Mobility
  • Optical metrology and machine vision
  • Laser material processing
  • Digital imaging

The wide applications of laser optical metrology services

Persist in communication and cooperation, adhere to the purpose of innovation

Alfa Chemistry has a professional optical technology team, with a deep technical foundation and long-term accumulated work experience, to develop unique optical metrology technology. Over the years, we have insisted on maintaining close contact with customers, customizing reasonable optical metrology solutions according to customers' application needs, and helping to implement testing services. We adhere to the goal of innovation, and continue to expand optical metrology technology and solutions with the development of science and technology to meet customer needs.

Committed to first-class service to meet and exceed customer needs

  • Advanced optical equipment meets the requirements of high-precision measurement and can be copied
  • High efficiency, support simultaneous calculation and monitoring of location
  • Professional optical technology team reliable solutions
  • Respond quickly and insist on innovation to meet customer needs
  • Non-contact test, suitable for a variety of measurements

Alfa Chemistry provides high-precision laser metrology services, and provides advice or assistance in metrology in many industries. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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