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Laser Lift-Off Service

Laser Lift-Off Service

Laser Lift-Off Service

Laser lift-off (LLO), a technology that selectively removes one material from another, is widely used in the LED industry. The principle of laser lift-off is that there is a difference in the absorption of laser light by the separating material, and lift-off occurs at the interface. The precise control of laser control and quality is of great significance for achieving fast and efficient peeling. Over the years, Alfa Chemistry has insisted on focusing on customer needs, relying on years of experience in the industry, and meeting customer needs with efficient and precise services. We have an advanced laser technology team, matched with advanced lasers, support laser stripping of multiple types of materials, and perform efficient and accurate laser stripping services. We support the individual needs of customers, and can reasonably control the laser quality, so as to provide precise laser stripping services. We continue to improve laser processing capabilities, insist on innovation and technological improvement, to efficiently and quickly meet customer processing needs.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry has a professional laser technology center with experienced staff and advanced laser equipment to provide professional laser processing services. We cooperate with the world's top laser suppliers, devote ourselves to the development of advanced technologies and processes, and provide high-quality laser processing services for many industries, including but not limited to:

  • Design and development of laser lift-off solutions
  • Improvements in laser lift-off solutions
  • Sophisticated laser lift-off service

We have a professional laser team dedicated to advanced laser technology and craftsmanship to provide high-quality laser lift-off services to customers around the world.

We provide quality services to meet customer needs

Over the years, Alfa Chemistry has adhered to customer needs as its development goals, innovation-oriented, and insisted on providing customers with high-quality services. Our professional laser team can participate in all stages from the initial design to the implementation of processing, and can provide reliable help and support. We can set reasonable laser device parameters and customize appropriate processing solutions according to customer needs, so as to provide efficient and accurate laser processing services to meet customer needs.

The advantages of laser lift-off services

Various types of laser stripping services to meet customer service

  • Laser lift off
  • Laser peeling polymer on glass
  • Single chip advanced peeling

Alfa Chemistry provides professional laser lift-off processing services to meet customer needs in an efficient and fast manner. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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