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Laser Cutting Solutions

Laser Cutting Solutions

Laser Cutting Solutions

When the processed laser beam touches the material, it will heat the material, causing it to melt or evaporate, thereby realizing the cutting of different materials. Laser cutting is usually non-contact, there is no material wear, deformation or damage. It has high precision, high speed and flexibility. It has a booming development. Precision laser cutting can realize precision cutting of parts, and is usually used for cutting metal materials, plastics, textiles, glass and ceramics and other materials. A comprehensive and efficient laser cutting solution can reduce the later processing procedures and optimize the cutting process in order to achieve the ideal laser processing. Alfa Chemistry continues to develop in the field of laser processing, and cooperates with the world's top laser processors to explore new processes and provide customers around the world with precision laser cutting solutions.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing excellent services to customers all over the world. Our engineers have accumulated rich knowledge and experience for many years, and can efficiently solve a variety of problems. Precision laser cutting involves the design, upgrade and improvement of precision cutting solutions in the fire-fighting pipeline industry, automotive industry, medical equipment, production and processing and other fields. The services of laser cutting solutions that we can provide include but are not limited to:

  • Efficient laser cutting solution design
  • Customization of laser cutting solutions
  • Upgrade and improvement of laser cutting solutions

We will continue to optimize processes and methods to provide precision cutting of various materials.

The parameters affecting the laser cutting process

  • Laser power
  • Nozzle diameter
  • Operation mode
  • Cutting speed
  • Degree of polarization
  • Cutting gas and cutting pressure

Laser cutting is widely used in many fields

  • Automobile processing industry: the use of laser cutting machine can quickly batch processing
  • Medical equipment field: laser cutting can achieve finer cutting and create more precise instruments
  • Food industry: food machinery industry affects food safety
  • Manufacturing: precise cutting in many fields
  • Industrial processing industry: whether in terms of accuracy, speed or efficiency, laser cutting is an excellent choice for the sheet metal cutting industry

Laser Cutting Solutions

Efficient laser cutting solution

For the material processing industry, cutting technology is an indispensable important technology. Laser cutting technology has the advantages of high processing quality, fast speed, diverse methods, wide material applicability and low cost, and it has been generally regarded as one of the most effective processing methods.

Alfa Chemistry provides professional laser cutting solutions to facilitate efficient laser processing services. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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