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Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing

Early optical fiber products were mainly used in the communications industry, mainly based on the total reflection of light. At present, optical fiber products are mainly used in aerospace, precision instrument testing and medical testing industries. Alfa Chemistry uses an independent testing laboratory certified by a professional organization to carry out optical fiber testing. Our laboratory is designed to meet the requirements and has experienced researchers. The laboratory system is based on a strict quality body for optical fiber testing. Optical fiber testing provides a cost-effective solution.

Our Services

For many years, Alfa Chemistry has provided optical fiber companies, scientific research institutions and universities around the world with professional, accurate and reliable testing services. Adhere to customer requirements as the first development priority, and insist on providing customers with high-quality testing services. Our laboratory has been certified by a professional organization to carry out strict inspections on optical fiber products and issue reports that meet the requirements. The optical fiber laboratory testing services we can provide include but are not limited to:

  • Optical fiber laboratory test
  • Fiber safety certification
  • Fiber integrity test (tensile load, bend and twist test)
  • Optical fiber mechanical test (vibration, shock and earthquake, et al)

What can we provide?

We can provide accurate automatic analysis and testing, can support real-time viewing of images and consulting progress, and can observe the analysis results at any time, we also support a variety of models to meet the application needs of different optical fibers. In order to meet the testing requirements of different customers, Alfa Chemistry has made continuous efforts to provide the industry with comprehensive testing services, and can launch a series of optical fiber testing solutions.

The advantages of laboratory testing service

Our inspection guarantee

In order to meet the testing needs of different products, including production and construction testing, to solve the customer's testing requirements for optical fibers. Alfa Chemistry's engineers have launched a variety of professional equipment and testing solutions, providing professional analysis and testing, and providing customers with satisfactory services.

Our testing advantages

  • Support a variety of optical fiber testing services
  • Serving customers all over the world
  • Efficient, professional and fast testing service

Our testing process

Alfa Chemistry has been specialized in optical fiber inspection services for many years. Our optical fiber testing process is: preliminary consultation, understanding of customers' testing needs, mailing optical fiber samples, signing plans, laboratory testing, and issuing reports. In addition, we also support product performance improvement services, and support to update detection technology to meet customers' detection needs.

We provide laboratory testing for optical fiber products, and provide professional, comprehensive and accurate testing services for customers' products. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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