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Imaging Optical Design

Imaging Optical Design

Imaging Optical Design

Using optical principles and related optical knowledge, through the design, optimization and testing process, and overall consideration of various factors, a system that meets the needs of the optical system can be given. For a particular optical component, through communication between optical engineers and customers, we understand the needs of customers, can discuss with customers, reach the final goal, and form quantifiable and measurable optical indicators that meet the needs. According to the above Foundation, and ultimately meet the needs of customers. An optical element that can be designed based on factors such as the structure, size, weight, specifications, price, construction period, material and strength, and temperature of the optical element including the optical lens.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry focuses on optical chemistry, can provide professional optical design, and aims to provide customers with satisfactory products and services. The imaging optics design range we can provide includes from ultraviolet light area to infrared light area, the optical components involved mainly include lens design, optical design of medical equipment, laser optical design, etc. Our services include but are not limited to:

Optical design advantages

  • Support design for special products
  • Fast and convenient response
  • Design-oriented with optical test results, support the design and improvement of optical components
  • Try to shorten the cycle as much as possible and save costs

Optical design process

The steps of optical design mainly include clarification of requirements and parameter determination, initial structure acquisition and optical design optimization, optical processing and other process feasibility analysis. The purpose of optical design is to meet customer requirements for product performance to the greatest extent at the lowest cost. In addition, you also need to pay attention to factors such as cost, process cost, mass production, strength, temperature and humidity.

The service process of optical design and consulting

Our promise

For many years, Alfa Chemistry has focused on the research of optical chemistry, focusing on improving the performance of optical chemistry products and high-quality services. We have researchers with strong knowledge background and rich experience to help us make reasonable plans in the design process and provide more suitable high-quality optical systems.

Alfa Chemistry provides imaging optical design services, including the design of optical lens, the design of medical optical equipment, which aims to providing high-quality optical components and optical services. If you want to know more about optical services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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