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Gradient Index Coating Design

Gradient Index Coating Design

Gradient Index Coating Design

Optical coatings are usually composed of thin films, single layers, multiple layers of metal or dielectric materials. With proper design, coating on high-performance lenses can change the reflection and projection characteristics of optical components. The material composition of the graded index coating changes gradually, and the simplest graded index coating is made of two optical materials. The optical coating is designed in close cooperation with our customers to achieve the best solution. Alfa Chemistry provides customers with professional optical services. Since its establishment, the company has attached importance to product quality, based on customer needs, insisting on technological innovation, and providing customers with high-quality services under continuous efforts.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry provides customers with enhanced corporate management, focusing on customer needs and focusing on R&D and design. We have a high-quality technical team to provide energy for continuous development in the future. We have advanced equipment to ensure production capacity and quality. We specialize in providing high-quality optical coating services, including but not limited to:

  • Graded index coating
  • Customized gradient index coating solution

About our optical coating services

Alfa Chemistry provides high-quality optical coating services to customers around the world, including coating services, customization and development of feasible design schemes, and mass product design and development. We look forward to maintaining a loyal partnership with customers for a long time and providing customers with satisfactory services. In the future, our research projects will continue to be updated with the needs of customers, to provide customers with satisfactory, comprehensive and high-quality services.

Application fields of optical coating

  • Semiconductor industry
  • Health care and life sciences
  • Lighting and energy
  • Automobile industry
  • Mathematical imaging system

We focus on providing quality service

Our optical engineers understand the needs of customers, who meets or exceeds the requirements of products, and can manufacture them efficiently and economically. We look forward to cooperating with customers and conducting feasibility studies on optical design.

  • Provide feasibility study
  • First-class service quality and competitive price
  • Efficient, economical and convenient service
  • Support sample design
  • Customization of optical coatings from deep ultraviolet to long-wave infrared spectral range

The advantages of gradient index coating design

We have advanced optical coating equipment

  • Nano super hard film coating equipment
  • Evaporative equipment
  • Diamond coating equipment
  • Multifunctional composite coating equipment
  • Optical coating machine
  • Powder coating equipment

Alfa Chemistry provides professional optical coating services to meet this standard and high requirements of customers. If you want to know more services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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