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Evaluation of Infrared Imaging System

Evaluation of Infrared Imaging System

Evaluation of Infrared Imaging System

The infrared imaging system processes the two-dimensional radiation of the target, converts it into electrical signal processing, and finally presents an infrared radiation image with a two-dimensional spatially distributed visible light image. Infrared imaging equipment includes telescopes, optical scanning systems, infrared detectors, infrared thermal imagers, signal processing systems et al. In recent years, infrared imaging systems have developed rapidly. Infrared imaging systems have the advantages of simple image processing, high security performance, and high resolution, and are more and more widely used in production and life. Researchers are committed to maximizing the performance of infrared imaging systems and being able to match their uses, so accurate evaluation of infrared imaging systems is becoming more and more important. Infrared imaging facilities can work under conditions where the external light conditions are not very strong, which greatly reduces the time, energy and cost of operation. Alfa Chemistry insists on providing efficient services and optical components to optical customers around the world. With years of rich experience and knowledge accumulation, Alfa Chemistry continues to expand and innovate, insists on updating optical technology and processes, and surpasses and meets customer needs. We can provide professional testing services for infrared imaging systems, cooperate with top international optical companies, and make continuous efforts to promote the development of optics.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry cooperates with top international optical companies to provide professional and efficient infrared imaging system testing services. Optical engineers with many years of rich experience can efficiently analyze test data and provide reasonable solutions. Our infrared imaging system testing services include but are not limited to:

  • Infrared imaging system test solution
  • Infrared imaging system testing service
  • Infrared imaging system integration

The important parameters of infrared imaging system

  • Signal transfer function
  • Minimum discernible temperature difference
  • Modulation transfer function
  • Noise equivalent temperature difference

Infrared imaging system testing and performance evaluation

  • Efficient and accurate testing and data analysis
  • Advanced team, reliable partner, support high-performance infrared imaging system testing
  • Able to issue test certificates that meet standards and certifications
  • The shortened test process saves customers' time, energy and cost

Evaluation of Infrared Imaging System

Development prospects of infrared imaging system testing

The infrared imaging system may have a variety of problems during its use, and it needs to be precisely tested and efficiently analyzed, and then the feasibility study can be carried out. If performing infrared imaging tests in severe environments, it is necessary to analyze the influencing factors from many aspects and obtain more reliable feasibility rules before performing infrared imaging to reduce errors caused by environmental factors. In addition, a mathematical model from infrared imaging to human eye recognition should be established, and the traditional test methods should be summarized for better image recognition and measurement.

Alfa Chemistry provides professional testing services for infrared imaging systems to meet customer needs with the advantage of high resolution and high accuracy. We look forward to hearing from you and serve you with high quality optical products and services. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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