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Dispersion Shifted Fiber

Dispersion Shifted Fiber

Dispersion Shifted Fiber

The optical fiber is mainly prepared by the principle of total reflection of light. During the long-distance transmission process, a large amount of light is lost. Researchers have continuously improved the inner core and outer cladding of the optical fiber to reduce the light loss as much as possible. At present, researchers have combined the offset characteristics of the quartz material and the dispersion fiber core to achieve zero dispersion of light. Alfa Chemistry customized optical fiber products, focusing on providing high-quality products and services, can achieve customized products required by customers in a short time.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry has professional researchers, advanced laboratories and analysis rooms, and a strict quality control platform. Our optical fiber products that meet the requirements are individually designed. We have an optical fiber database, which can customize the products required by customers in a short period of time. When developing and designing optical fiber materials, researchers must take into account the dispersion performance, safety performance, anti-interference ability, cost and wear resistance of the optical fiber, comprehensively consider the performance of the optical fiber product, and customize and synthesize the product required by the customer. Alfa Chemistry provides customized dispersion-shifted fiber services, including but not limited to:

  • Custom dispersion shifted fiber
  • Improvement of dispersion-shifted fiber performance
  • Dispersion-shifted fiber performance test

Our service capabilities

We can customize synthetic fiber products according to customer requirements, support advanced research technology and innovation capabilities, and provide professional dispersion-shifted fiber customization services. Our customization service is mainly to provide customers with products that they want to escape from the consideration of low cost of customization, environmental protection of raw materials, customization cycle and product performance.

Application of optical fiber products

Dispersion Shifted Fiber

  • Medical testing field
  • Technical application of optical communication
  • Optical fiber image transmission application
  • Aerospace industry
  • Optical sensors for precision instruments

Our compliance

Alfa Chemistry insists on being customer-centric to ensure that our customized optical fiber products can meet various strict standards. Our advanced laboratory is the basis for ensuring product quality, and we can issue corresponding product inspection reports to ensure the high quality of products and efficiency. Alfa Chemistry provides high-quality services. There are professional account managers responsible for specific customized projects. Our experienced members will master the requirements of customers for optical fibers. From the initial selection of raw materials, the formulation of solutions and mass production, our technical consultants have professional knowledge to provide customers with product application technology recommendations.

Alfa Chemistry provides the development and customization of dispersion-shifted fiber products, aiming to synthesize fiber products with excellent performance. If you want to know more customized services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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