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Custom Optical Sensor

Custom Optical Sensor

Custom Optical Sensor

The communication of optical sensors and the available sensing technologies, sensors that measure according to optical principles, which have a wide range of applications in the automotive industry, processing industry, medical services, life sciences, transportation, communication sensing and other fields. Alfa Chemistry is engaged in optics and optical systems, it has professional optical technicians and equipped with a variety of optical equipment, we committed to developing and manufacturing high-precision optical components and high-quality optical solutions. With the demand of the market. With the market demand, the demand for customized optical sensor solutions will also increase. Our researchers strive to match suitable solutions for specific optical sensors, covering sensor components, modules and system-related services. We develop new technologies for many fields, have rich experience and strong capabilities, and can provide customized sensor services to customers around the world.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry can quickly respond to customers' application needs, relying on rich experience and solid optical knowledge to satisfy customers in an efficient and convenient way. We provide customized services for high-precision optical sensors, including but not limited to:

  • Customization of optical sensor solutions
  • Optical sensor prototype design
  • Optical sensor prototype test
  • Mass production of optical sensors
  • We support system services and single services.

The cost-effective optical sensor solution

Alfa Chemistry has a closed and streamlined production process. From customization, design, development, production and integration, we cooperate with customers throughout the process, provide reliable support and assistance, and provide customers with optical sensors with maximum reliability and durability. We have professional design knowledge, an in-depth understanding of optical manufacturing technology and processes, and the ability to efficiently develop and manufacture optical products, and can carry out efficient, rapid and precise design. On the basis of ensuring high precision, negotiate a competitive price.

Optical sensors are widely used in many industries

  • Mobile devices: smartphones, computers, mice, printers
  • Consumer products: TV monitors, digital cameras
  • Lighting equipment: industrial, residential, street lighting
  • Automotive industry: dashboard lighting
  • Industrial production: instrument panel equipment
  • Home appliance industry: home appliances, bathroom products

The wide applications of custom optical sensor services

Our solutions can meet different size and configuration requirements

  • Optical signal device: optical input-digital output, complete optical solution, combining even AFE, LED and optical diode
  • Optical sensor: light input-analog output, high-energy photodiode solutions

Classification of optical sensors

Optical sensors have the characteristics of high signal-to-noise ratio, and are widely used in the information industry, machinery, electricity, energy, transportation, post and telecommunications, biology, medicine, environmental protection and other fields. They are classified as follows: optical sensor classification, optical image sensor, transmissive optical sensor, optical measuring sensor and reflective optical sensor.

Our high-precision optical sensors have the following advantages:

  • Non-contact measurement, strong anti-interference ability, high-speed transmission performance
  • Small size, light weight, simple installation, stable detection, convenient operation
  • Supports multi-language detection, can switch languages at will, supports global languages such as Chinese, English and German et al
  • Multi-category and size design to meet customer service

The advantages of custom optical sensor services

Alfa Chemistry provides professional optical sensor services with high quality, high precision, wide coverage and strong competitiveness. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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