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Custom Optical Prototype

Custom Optical Prototype

Custom Optical Prototype

The experts and production team of Alfa Chemistry have been engaged in optical manufacturing for a long time. Its service types involve feasibility study, design specification verification, preliminary design, design optimization, cost and performance analysis, prototype design and mass production. Our optical engineers have many years of optical manufacturing experience, matched with advanced optical manufacturing design and technology, and can perform cost analysis for any optical scale to meet customer requirements in terms of function, scale and functionality. Our professional prototype team will check the availability of materials before production, strictly control the material delivery cycle, select the appropriate substrate, use the stock components, modify the stock components and quickly create custom solutions. We will improve reliable support and assistance in all stages from initial concept to production, optimize and meet customer needs in a fast and simple manner.

Our Services

The Alfa Chemistry team has extensive expertise in optical applications, from medical endoscope design to optical components, from home lighting systems to displays, and can design and develop. We support feasibility customization based on customer needs, constantly update optical technology and processes, optimize project processes, and provide optical customers with satisfactory customized optical services, including but not limited to:

  • Customized optical prototyping solution
  • Prototype customization of optical systems and components
  • Optical prototype testing

Short optical prototype customization process, more economical

  • Consultation and communication: understand the customer's requirements for the specifications, performance, applications and parameters of the optical prototype
  • Sign a cooperation agreement: optical manufacturing engineers will discuss with customers, strive to provide suitable solutions, and ensure the participation of suitable engineers
  • Determine design parameters: professional advice and design from senior engineers
  • Project development and provision of optical prototypes: advanced optical center, optical engineers and customers work closely together to support the design and customization of a variety of optical prototypes
  • Customer feedback and design modification: for any questions, we will design and modify further solutions with customers
  • Customer confirmation: we continue to improve and insist on providing satisfactory services to customers
  • Prototype testing: we have a quality system certified production line and quality testing platform to ensure product qualification
  • Product confirmation and mass production confirmation: confirm and carry out mass production of optical components consistent with the prototype

The process of custom optical prototype services

Leading advantage in rapid prototyping services

Alfa Chemistry specializes in providing a variety of fast material access, can quickly respond to customer application needs, and is committed to submitting professional optical prototype customized products. We have a quality-certified production line, and production engineers can design and produce industries according to customer needs, and strive to provide high consistency for optical prototypes. The optical prototypes we submit are fast and meet quality assurance. The final mass-produced products are consistent with the optical prototypes, and all meet the quality standards and can issue inspection reports.

Cost-effective optical prototype customization

The optical components submitted by Alfa Chemistry serve us in the consumer goods, pharmaceutical, life science, material science, semiconductor, and medical diagnostic industries. A comprehensive approach to achieve quality, performance, packaging, quality and budget goals, using advanced optical equipment, with professional optical knowledge and excellent production technology, absorbing customers' ideas, and providing customers with efficient, fast and cost-effective solutions and optical prototype.

Alfa Chemistry provides professional optical prototype customization services, including optical systems and a variety of optical components, and also supports mass production based on prototypes. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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