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Custom Medical Optical Cable

Custom Medical Optical Cable

Custom Medical Optical Cable

The optical cable is composed of optical fiber, protective sleeve and outer cover. It is manufactured to meet optical, mechanical or environmental performance specifications. It is a communication optical cable component that can use the optical fiber in the sheath as the transmission medium. Optical fiber service (FiOS) is a data communication service provided through optical fiber cable communication networks and systems. Alfa Chemistry provides high-quality, comprehensive and professional fiber optic cable services to customers around the world. We have advanced equipment, experienced engineers and professional and solid researchers to help customers customize fiber optic cable solutions and provide customers with satisfactory services.

Our Services

In neuroscience, including nerve stimulation and nerve repair, materials with high reliability are usually required, including implantable devices and tools such as cables and coils, which play a vital role in medical diagnosis. In the future, optical cables and optical fiber products will be more and more widely used in medical diagnosis. Alfa Chemistry always focuses on the needs of customers, takes quality as the foundation, takes technological innovation as the development mission, focuses on the development of optical cable products and technological transformation, and strives to promote the development of the optical fiber industry in the medical industry. Alfa Chemistry provides professional and accurate fiber optic cable services, including but not limited to:

  • Medical fiber customized solutions
  • Performance testing of medical optical fiber products
  • Performance improvement of medical fiber optic products

Potential problems with fiber optic cables

  • The outer layer of the optical cable may have certain corrosion and loss
  • The fiber inside the cable is brittle and easy to cause loss

Optical cable inspection

Fiber optic cable detection is mainly to ensure the quality of the system connection and reduce the failure factors and the failure points of the optical fiber. The detection scheme of optical cable is mainly divided into manual simple measurement and precision instrument measurement.

  • Simple manual measurement
  • Precision instrument measurement

Our advantages

  • Meet the specific requirements of customers at each stage
  • Comprehensive, unique and professional fiber optic cable service
  • First-class products and first-class service
  • Customized solutions for customers' applications

The advantages of custom medical optical cable

Our service guarantee

Alfa Chemistry provides customized services of proprietary optical fiber solutions, which can be vertically integrated from raw materials and optical fibers to optical cables to meet the strict requirements of customers. We have a strict quality inspection platform to help customers customize solutions. We can provide sturdy and durable functions that enable cable assemblies to withstand harsh environments and actual application environments. We will do our best to provide customers with satisfactory services.

Alfa Chemistry provides development and customization services for medical optical cable products to customers around the world, and can help customers customize reasonable solutions. If you want to know more services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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