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Custom High Quality Optical Lens

Custom High Quality Optical Lens

Custom High Quality Optical Lens

With the rapid development of the market, customers have more diverse requirements for optical products, and new equipment and instruments require special optical components. Alfa Chemistry can quickly, cost-effectively provide customers with optical lens customization services, serving the automotive industry, consumer fields, medical technology, security technology, machine vision and many other fields. We have many types of stock lens equipment. In many cases, customized optical lenses are the best choice for special applications. Using advanced optical design software and top manufacturing technology, our professional optical engineers design and manufacture various optical lenses to meet the specific needs of customers in an efficient and economical manner. Through the unique optical processing technology, the perfect performance of the lens is guaranteed, which lays a good foundation for the precision processing and assembly of high-precision optical lenses. In addition, we also provide high-precision technical services to meet the requirements of various precision optical products, and make the greatest efforts to achieve customer needs.

Our Services

We combine products and services to provide customers with professional and efficient optical solutions, which can also be flexible to achieve personalized customization requirements, while supporting optimized performance. Alfa Chemistry has advanced processing equipment and first-class testing equipment, and an excellent team can provide stable and reliable optical lenses according to customer needs. The customized services we can provide regarding optical lenses include but are not limited to:

  • Customized optical lens solutions
  • Production of specific optical lenses
  • Optical lens performance testing service

A wide range of customized services to meet customer needs

The custom services items of high quality optical lens

In the future, we will continue to expand the customization service items and customize various optical lenses to meet the specific needs of customers.

Support the customization of various high-precision optical lenses, and serve customers with a short process

  • Communication and consultation: understand customer needs and standards (type of lens, optimization, performance analysis and components)
  • Preliminary plan: based on the needs of customers, formulate a reasonable preliminary plan
  • Sign the contract: make an agreement with the customer and sign the contract, including the plan, cost and time limit
  • Optical prototyping and production: support internal optical synthesis and production
  • Mass production: factory production, follow up the whole process, provide support, and keep in touch with customers
  • Quality report: each product will issue a qualified report
  • Customization completed: support subsequent installation and maintenance

The process of custom high quality optical lens services

Our service advantages

  • A detailed performance test report will be issued for each lens provided
  • Support in-house manufacturing and testing
  • Industry-leading price-performance ratio, high performance
  • Customized optical lens suitable for multiple industries
  • Miniaturization, intelligent design, high quality

Alfa Chemistry provides professional optical lens customization services, aiming to provide special optical design services. If you want to know more, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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