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Custom Diffractive Optical Element

Custom Diffractive Optical Element

Custom Diffractive Optical Element

Diffractive optical element (DOE) is an emerging optical element that has developed rapidly in recent years, and usually uses micro-nano etching technology to form two-dimensionally distributed diffractive elements. Each diffraction unit in the DOE has a specific morphology and refractive index, which can finely adjust the phase distribution of the laser wavefront, and can achieve effective laser shaping and beam splitting. Wide applications such as imaging and lighting systems have shown great application potential. In order to respond to the unique needs of customers, it is necessary to tailor diffractive optical elements to the existing optical system to achieve effective shaping and beam splitting. Over the years, Alfa Chemistry has adhered to customer needs as the orientation and optical innovation as the purpose, focusing on improving optical processes and technologies to meet customer needs and provide high-quality optical components. Alfa Chemistry provides professional customized services for diffractive optics. During the development, design, production and integration of optical components and systems, we will maintain close contact with customers throughout the entire process and provide reliable advice and assistance.

Our Services

As a reliable optical service partner, Alfa Chemistry supports all stages from initial design to production. Our optical engineers have many years of experience in the optical industry, and can streamline the customized service process, shorten the running time, and help customers maximize optical services. We are happy to provide customers with reliable customized services for diffractive optics, including but not limited to:

  • Customized diffractive optical element solutions
  • Development, design and construction of diffractive optical elements
  • Batch synthesis of diffractive optical elements
  • Integration of diffractive optical elements

Professional optical center, providing advanced optical services to customers all over the world

  • Professional team: capable management personnel, experienced optical engineers, and optical researchers with solid optical knowledge, providing feasibility for reliable solutions
  • Advanced equipment: guarantee production capacity and quality
  • Professional quality control platform: strictly control the quality of customized optical components, comply with national standards, and meet customer needs

Diffractive optical elements (DOE) have a wide range of applications in many fields, and their main advantages are:

  • Advanced optical technology and craftsmanship, many years of manufacturing experience, are the guarantee of high precision for diffractive optical elements
  • Diffractive optical elements can replace the use of integrated refractive optical elements
  • The customization process is short, saving time, energy and cost
  • Easy to use, it has small size, light weight, which can be used with other standard optical components
  • Targeted, can be customized for different eyes or optical targets to achieve optical targets

The advantages of Custom Diffractive Optical Element services

Diffractive optical elements are widely used in various fields

  • Laser processing industry: multiple laser optics for shaping and beam splitting during welding, cutting, and drilling
  • Medical diagnosis and treatment: medical laser data and diagnostic equipment
  • Optical sensor: precise measurement of length and distance
  • Lighting system: participate in the design of optical lighting system

Alfa Chemistry provides professional diffractive optical elements. If you want to know the optical performance and differences of different diffractive optical elements, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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