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Custom Coated Fiber

Custom Coated Fiber

Custom Coated Fiber

In order to broaden the application of optical fiber in daily life, the researchers will design it and carry out functional design, and attach some functional materials to the outer layer of the optical fiber to make the coated optical fibers product. If the sealing material is coated on the surface of the optical fiber, the anti-moisture interference of the optical fiber can be improved, and the mechanical strength and loss of the optical fiber can be maintained. Organic dyes are added to the inner layer of the optical fiber to facilitate the identification of optical fibers with different colors during the construction of the optical cable, and to ensure the transmission quality of the optical fiber. Aiming at the above different applications, Alfa Chemistry can realize customized synthesis of optical fiber products according to the needs of customers. It can be combined with other materials to give the optical fiber different properties.

Our Services

The functional design of optical fiber materials and make them give certain special properties, this is the direction of optical researchers' efforts. Alfa Chemistry focuses on optical chemistry and mainly produces and sells high-quality products and services. We have researchers with solid professional knowledge, rich equipment and advanced laboratories, which provide us with a reliable basis for the development and design of optical products. We can customize products according to customer needs. Our customized services for coated optical fibers include but are not limited to:

Our advantages

Our custom-produced optical fiber mainly has the following advantages:

  • Strong wear resistance, good water resistance, and can be used by customers for a long time
  • Optical fiber transmission has low loss and high efficiency
  • The customization cycle is short, which can save customers a lot of time and cost

Our customization capabilities

We provide services to customers around the world, customer-centric, based on professional knowledge and rich experience, advanced professional equipment is the guarantee of product quality. In addition, we can issue relevant product data to satisfy customers.

Our service process

Alfa Chemistry focuses on high-performance coating products and services, and provides customers with reasonable solutions. The service process of customized coated optical fibers we provide includes: consulting and communication, understanding customer needs, signing contracts, customizing solutions and communicate, produce optical fiber product samples, evaluate the nature, issue reports and feedback, produce optical fiber products, deliver the balance, mail the product and issue reports.

service process

Alfa Chemistry can provide development and customization services for coated optical fiber products, mainly to expand the application of optical fiber products. If you want to know more about customized services of coated optical fiber, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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