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Color Optical Fiber

Color Optical Fiber

Color Optical Fiber

Optical fiber is the abbreviation of optical fiber. It is a fiber made of glass and plastic. It can be used as a tool for light transmission. The optical fiber is prepared by the principle of total reflection of light. Researchers continue to improve optical fiber products, from the internal glass fiber material to the external cladding material, and by compounding other high-performance materials, they are committed to improving the performance of optical fiber products, including wear resistance, flexibility, and anti-interference ability. And work performance. Alfa Chemistry provides customers with professional optical services, from product design to performance enhancement, centered on customer needs and guided by experienced experts to meet customer requirements for products.

Our Services

Different colors of optical fibers can help customers distinguish optical fibers. Alfa Chemistry can provide optical fiber customization services. In addition to optical fiber color customization, researchers will also consider the frequency bandwidth of optical fiber products, low loss, light weight, strong anti-interference ability, high fidelity, working performance, reliability and Cost and other issues. We customize the required solutions according to the needs of customers and synthesize high-quality optical fiber products. We can provide customized services for products in different colors, including but not limited to:

  • Customize different color fiber products
  • Performance enhancement and improvement of optical fiber products
  • Performance analysis and measurement of optical fiber products

Our customization capabilities

We have experienced optical manufacturing experts. Their strong professional background knowledge and rich experience in fiber synthesis can ensure the accuracy and efficiency of customized solutions. Our advanced equipment laboratories and analysis rooms are the key to ensuring excellent product performance. We have a sound quality assurance system that can measure and evaluate customized products. Our customized and synthesized optical fiber products can issue relevant reports to ensure the high quality and high standards of the products.

Color Optical Fiber

Our advantages

  • Cost-effective production of optical fiber
  • Achieve high-density packaging in optical fiber manufacturing
  • Easy-to-remove acrylic protective coating
  • A variety of optical fiber designs, using standard color codes or providing different colors and color rings, easy to distinguish between different optical fibers
  • Small outer diameter, light weight, high flexibility

Our service process

Our custom process for optical fiber products mainly includes: consulting and understanding customer needs, designing solutions, synthesizing optical fiber products, issuing reports and mailing products. In addition, we have a sound after-sales service, including installation and post-maintenance services.

Alfa Chemistry provides different colors of optical fiber development and customization services to facilitate customers to distinguish different optical fiber materials. If you want to know more customized services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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