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Carbon Coated Fiber

Carbon Coated Fiber

Carbon Coated Fiber

Optical fiber is a kind of fiber made of plastic or plastic, which can be used as a tool for conduction. Generally, in order to extend the life of the optical fiber, various materials are coated on the outer layer of the optical fiber to impart other characteristics. Coating a carbon film on the surface of the fiber to form a carbon-coated fiber (CCF) to avoid the influence of H2 and H2O on the fiber, can effectively resist the intrusion of hydroxyl groups, prevent the growth of micro-cracks on the surface of the fiber, and reduce material loss and decay. Alfa Chemistry develops a variety of optical fiber products and is committed to expanding the application range of optical fiber products to provide customers all over the world with the required products.

Our Services

The dense film of carbon isolates the surface of the optical fiber from the external environment, and isolates the contact of the hydroxyl group in the H2O in the air with the optical fiber, thereby improving the mechanical fatigue loss of the optical fiber and the loss of hydrogen molecules. Alfa Chemistry's experienced experts have a strong background in optical knowledge and can synthesize and customize products according to customer needs. The carbon-coated optical fiber-related services we can provide include but are not limited to:

  • Custom carbon coated fiber
  • Performance improvement and craftsmanship of carbon coated fiber
  • Performance testing and evaluation of carbon coated fibers

Our advantages

  • Our carbon-coated optical fiber products have good wear resistance and good corrosion resistance
  • Our customized synthesis cycle is short
  • Our customized ad synthesized products are highly competitive
  • The performance improvement services we provide can help customers improve existing products
  • Our service compliance

The importance of fiber coating

The quality of the optical fiber coating has a great relationship with the service life and transmission efficiency of the optical fiber. In order to expand the scope of use of optical fiber products, researchers continue to improve the quality of optical fiber coatings so that it imparts various characteristics, such as water resistance, corrosion resistance, flexibility, abrasion resistance, color, and so on. Nowadays, optical fiber sensors will be more widely used in many fields, such as aerospace, sensors, medical imaging and communication industries.

Carbon Coated Fiber


The optical fiber sensor is not subject to electromagnetic interference, and the transmission signal is safe. The sensor prepared by the optical fiber has high sensitivity, high precision, high speed and efficiency. In recent years, optical fiber sensors have gradually become miniaturized, intelligent, and networked.

Alfa Chemistry can provide development and customization services for carbon-coated optical fiber products. If you want to know more about customization services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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