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Calibration Service

Calibration Service

Calibration Service

When the customer's optical test equipment does not meet the specifications, the accuracy and accuracy of the measurement results will be reduced, which will greatly reduce the credibility of the test results. If you participate in production in this environment, it may cause customer credibility. Faced with great risks. The calibration of the optical instrument is a guarantee to ensure that the test system runs according to the specifications. When the customer's test results are compared with the specifications, it can be clear whether the instrument meets the specifications. Alfa Chemistry is a professional optical manufacturer. In addition to the design and manufacture of professional optical components, it also provides calibration services for professional instruments. The customer's test instrument is compared with the reference standard to ensure the highest accuracy. At the same time, we also support multiple and efficient continuous calibration to ensure the stability and long-term performance of the instrument. We have an advanced optics center, specialized in providing various standards and customized optics services. Optical experts with rich experience and expertise guarantee high reliability of the service. Advanced equipment guarantees production performance and quality. We will wholeheartedly provide customers with the most satisfactory , The most accurate and most suitable service.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry provides professional optical instrument calibration services, which can ensure that the calibrated equipment and systems meet specifications, support individual needs, and meet customer needs, including service requests and calibration certificates. We ensure the accuracy and reliability of all test results, and we will work with customers to customize solutions to meet customer needs. The calibration services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Accurate calibration of optical instruments (support multiple times)
  • Optical equipment calibration certificate

Professional calibration, high reliability

We can select appropriate test standards, provide customers with correct calibration, ensure that they pass local certification bodies and international standards, and provide professional calibration certificates and test reports to meet customer certification needs. We can minimize the measurement uncertainty of optical products and components during the development process, including standard selection and calibration procedures.

Calibration Service

The calibration of optical instruments is of great significance

  • Reduce the risk of measurement
  • Improve customer credibility
  • The test results can meet the strict certification

Powerful calibration capabilities to meet customer needs

We can provide customers with accurate calibration services, reduce measurement risks, and improve customer credibility. Our optical partners are globally advanced organizations that can quickly understand the changing requirements of compliance, so that our test results can meet strict certifications. In order to meet the specific needs of customers, we can issue professional calibration certificates and test reports.

Alfa Chemistry provides professional equipment calibration services, which can effectively reduce test risks and improve customer credibility. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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