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Broadband Reflective Coating Design

Broadband Reflective Coating Design

Broadband Reflective Coating Design

Broadband reflective coating is specially designed for general visible wavelength applications, usually made of hard electron beam deposited dielectric materials, so it has excellent wear resistance, moisture resistance and laboratory solvent resistance, and maintains high reflectivity for a long time. It can Coated on most optical glass and components. Optical coating services have been widely used in solar energy, optics, semiconductors, building materials, glass, displays and other industries. Over the years, Alfa Chemistry has been adhering to customer needs as the core of its development, insisting on customer-centric, focusing on the development of new optical devices and materials. Alfa Chemistry insists on taking the needs of customers as the development center and insisting on providing customers with first-class, professional and satisfactory services.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry integrates R&D, sales, production and service, mainly to provide customers with advanced optical coating services and equipment. Over the years, we have insisted on taking the needs of customers as the basis, taking innovation as the goal, and insisting on providing customers with satisfactory services. The services we can provide regarding broadband reflective coatings include but are not limited to:

  • Broadband reflective coating design
  • Broadband reflective coating solution design
  • Broadband reflective coating material performance improvement

We have professional optical coating equipment

  • Nano super hard film coating equipment
  • Evaporative equipment
  • Large area flat plate coating equipment
  • Diamond coating equipment
  • Optical coating machine

Why choose us?

  • Support professional optical enchanting production and processing
  • Transparent price guarantees the level of service quality and is competitive
  • Superb optical coating equipment to provide customers with reliable
  • Provide customers with satisfactory, economical and convenient services

The advantages of broadband reflective coating design

We maintain a loyal partnership with customers for a long time

We have an experienced and high-quality professional research team, many years of optical coating experience, and rich process routes, which provide development direction and strength for future sustainable development. We always adhere to the quality as the development goal, and always adhere to the concept of "innovation, quality, service, and dedication". We insist on absorbing new ideas, strictly control quality, and insist on making high-quality products.

Our optical service advantages

  • Support the customization of special products
  • Support product free consultation and preliminary feasibility study
  • Possess rapid prototyping and mass production capabilities
  • Top quality and competitive price

Alfa Chemistry provides professional optical coating services to customers all over the world, aiming to provide high-quality services and high-quality products. If you want to know more about services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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