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Beamsplitter Coating Design

Beamsplitter Coating Design

Beamsplitter Coating Design

Optical coating is a technology that coats a special material on a high-performance lens to reduce light reflection and light dispersion. At present, optical coatings have been widely used in the fields of optics and optical electronics technology, and are used in various optical instruments. The final performance of the dielectric coating will depend on the coating materials used in the thin film coating, including refractive index, transmittance and reflectivity. At the same time, changing the coating thickness and the number of layers can also change the function of the film coating. The thickness of the optical coating is usually tens of nanometers to hundreds of nanometers, and requires sophisticated deposition techniques. These deposition techniques include thermal evaporation, electron beam, ion-assisted deposition and advanced plasma deposition. Most of the spectroscope coatings are multilayer coatings, and the substrates are generally fused silica and silica.

Our Services

Alfa Chemistry integrates R&D, production and service to provide customers with optical services. The products provided are used in solar energy, optics, semiconductor and other industries. We insist on taking the needs of customers as the basis, taking innovation as the goal, focusing on the research and development of optical products, and providing customers with satisfactory services. We have a professional and high-quality team to provide a steady stream of energy for future sustainable development. The spectroscope coating services we can provide include but are not limited to:

  • Spectroscope coating design
  • Design and development of spectroscope coating solutions

Our service advantages

  • Support customized services for special products
  • Provide reliable and feasible solutions
  • First-class products and efficient service

We maintain close contact with customers for a long time, and provide customers with first-class products and services

We always adhere to the concept of "innovation and quality, service and dedication", while absorbing creativity, we strictly control quality, provide comprehensive and accurate services, and insist on making high-quality products. We have advanced equipment to ensure production capacity and quality, and experienced researchers to ensure the reliability of the solution. We maintain a long-term close partnership with customers to provide customers all over the world with spectra requirements, physical properties, application requirements and Economically targeted products and services.

The cooperation method and cooperation attitude advantages of beamsplitter coating design

Optical coating application field

  • Semiconductor industry
  • Medical and health industry
  • Life science industry
  • Lighting and energy
  • Digital imaging industry
  • Industrial laser optics

Professional optical coating equipment

  • Nano super hard film coating equipment
  • Multifunctional decorative coating equipment
  • Large area flat plate coating equipment
  • Multifunctional composite coating equipment
  • Optical coating machine
  • Powder coating equipment

Alfa Chemistry provides professional optical products and services, aiming to improve the performance of optical products and expand the scope of applications. If you want to know more services, please contact us immediately.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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